Juli culture first instance judgment 260 million yuan of guaranteed debt loss, shareholders continue to collect claims

2022-05-16 0 By

Recently, Juli Culture (002247) mentioned a lawsuit in the 2021 performance forecast. Beijing Tencent Culture Media Co., Ltd. sued Tianjin Dianwo Information Technology Co., LTD., Suzhou Meishengyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Juli Culture contract dispute.The Intermediate People’s Court of Shenzhen City of first instance decided that TIANJIN Diandian shall pay Tencent Beijing 261,032,468.74 yuan and liquidated damages for the outstanding debts of Tianjin Diandian and Meisheng Shall bear joint and several liabilities for the above-mentioned debts of Tianjin Diandian and Meisheng Shall bear joint liabilities for the above-mentioned debts of Meisheng.The company believes that the first judgment is factually incorrect and has filed an appeal within the prescribed time.Juli culture said that based on the facts of the case, after soliciting the opinions of lawyers and other professionals, no relevant losses and liabilities of the case have been set aside so far.The court of second instance has yet to rule on the case.At present, due to the existence of false records in information disclosure, Juli Culture (002247) was punished by the CSRC in August 2021, the damaged investors have started to claim for compensation, to hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court to submit securities false statement responsibility dispute case filing materials.Impaired investors who bought shares of Juli Culture (002247) between April 28, 2017 and April 29, 2019 and held them when the market closed on April 29, 2019, or sold them thereafter, can follow Securities Lawyer Watch to register their claims.As of January 20, 2022, juli Culture has more than 33,000 shareholders.Meisheng Yuan, which Was acquired by Juli Culture before, falsified its financial data during the three-year period from 2016 to 2018. After its financial data were included in juli Culture’s consolidated statements, the financial data and related disclosure information in juli Culture’s annual report for the three-year period were falsified.Zhejiang Securities regulatory Bureau decided to juili culture and relevant responsible person to give corresponding administrative punishment.Up to now, Juli Culture has not received the relevant legal documents that the court has accepted the investor’s lawsuit, and has not drawn the estimated liabilities related to this.