Talented young Su Yiming makes history!Wang Meng called gu Ailing promising, and childhood friends?

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Su yiming, don’t make me look so handsome!Congratulations to Su for winning the silver medal in the snowboard slopestyle event!(But no. 1 in orange’s heart!)If in the previous qualifying competition met, orange is the whole process is wide eyes open mouth has not seen the face of the world, only through the most simple language to express the shock of the heart.”Wow!” “Ahhh!” “Help…””He really can fly ~” See you in the final, I couldn’t help Shouting: “Su Yiming, you ski!What happens when you slide into an orange?!”What is the matter that the action of the chest with both hands makes the orange instantly feel at ease before the game?Steady landing on the field, skilled movement skills, smooth flowing, smooth, (@Dove, the next spokesperson is here!)There was even a moment to help his hat.(Wang Meng called his brother promising degree) is the first slopestyle slopestyle in the history of 1800 degrees success!And the only one in the race at 1,800 degrees!With the live commentary “1,2,3,4,5 circles” passionate, and even feel that the quintessence of Chinese culture can not reflect the excitement of orange at that time.(By the way, the younger brother’s main event is the big platform, and the slope obstacle is both.) Su Yiming, the younger brother in 2004, feels that this name is the standard hero of the novel!Look at the experience again, well, or a big cool wen male hero!Before just skiing as a hobby, and then play play…I became a professional snowboarder.Later, she won the gold medal of men’s snowboard big jump and men’s snowboard slopestyle at the second National Youth Games.He was 15 years old.Two years later, at the age of 17, he set up a Guinness World Record.In the same year, with just 60 days left before the Winter Olympics, she won the overall title in the snowboard Big jump at the Snowboard World Cup.Chinese men’s snowboarder wins World Cup for the first timeAnd some of the game records are here, which means I don’t know the word “champion” anymore…(The younger brother just loves the gold color.) In the eyes of orange, it is already an open life, who would have thought that his life is much more wonderful than that.Child star background, played tsui Hark director “outwitting Tiger Mountain”, skiing in the mountain “small emboli” all the way to the Winter Olympics on the field, in addition to the dream linkage, or the original prophet?In addition, also appeared in “Your Highness the Wolf”, for their own dreams to give up acting, and once the cooperation of the teachers also cheer for him, card surface, there!How can you be a cool guy without a childhood sweetheart?Isn’t it right here?Su Yiming X Gu Ailing training together, playing together have the same goal, or the same excellent, champions and champions play, waste wood orange silence…The only thing orange can do is to hope the two children come on for the Winter Olympics!Then watch them play.Oh, the only sad thing is that the skiing video on Su’s social media account also doesn’t know whether orange can make it to the race on 14th (melancholy) as usual, the schedule is here, we will see our old friends online on 14th!The last line is enough to make people fall, but wearing the flag is the most handsome!Brother the next game then dazzle!So cool that the judges are speechless!