Brooklyn GREY BMW 6 cylinder 2 series real shot, looking forward to the official launch in China

2022-05-17 0 By

BMW 2 Series M240i will be officially launched in 2022, we are looking forward to it. After the replacement of the 2 Series Coupe, there is quite a controversy on the appearance design, especially the design of the front and rear headlights.With innovative technology, care for your car experience;Use innovative technologies to achieve “zero-distance” connectivity between people and vehicles;With innovative technology, constantly realize all new possibilities.Responsible for your car, so that you enjoy the ecological sustainable development of the car policy!The BMW Group is committed to sustainable development and circular economy, with strong innovation strength and sustainable profitability as the foundation for successful transformation.To this end, the BMW Group is committed to finding the best technological solutions to drive digital connectivity and sustainable mobility.BMW Group’s innovative technologies in the digital field involve BMW iDrive system, BMW OPERATING system 8.0, voice control, gesture control, remote software upgrade, OTA, Baidu CarLife, Apple CarPlay, My BMW APP, etc. Over the years, BMW Group has been committed to using advanced Internet technology,To provide customers with vehicles equipped with the latest technology and software.The BMW Group is continuously digitizing and actively promoting and implementing the comprehensive enterprise strategy of sustainable and zero emission.The BMW Group implements ecological and social sustainable development strategy throughout the value chain. Comprehensive product responsibility and clear commitment to energy conservation have become an important part of the BMW Group’s corporate strategy.Zhangjiagang Baojing carries out the BMW Group’s concept of “people-oriented” and “customer-centered”, and advocates personalized experience and excellent customer service.Active layout for customers’ unique and outstanding travel experience.