Second generation CS75PLUS national media and user first enjoy test drive activities were held

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With pre-orders officially opened, the launch of changan’s second-generation CS75PLUS is drawing near.For this car of tomorrow’s latest work, now, the market is almost full of expectations.In order to meet people’s expectations, on February 17, the six-day “second generation CS75PLUS reevolution, further advance-all 8AT tomorrow driving media and user first enjoy test drive” opened in Nanchuan, Chongqing.Media and user representatives wander in the natural picture composed of mountains, rivers, forests and fields. Through the rich life scenes, tasks, challenges and road test drive experience, they deeply perceive the multi-faceted wonderful of the second generation CS75PLUS.The rapid development of intelligent technology has accelerated the brain power of cars.However, for consumers, practical technologies that can be integrated into their daily lives are more valuable than those that can only be seen from afar.And in the daily car, reversing difficult, parking difficult is undoubtedly the most headache for many novice drivers.Therefore, the second generation OF CS75PLUS specially equipped with a number of functions, including tracking reversing, one-button intelligent parking outside the car, multi-scene parking, so that all kinds of embarrassment instantly invisible.Near the blue waves of fields, far green mountains, as a test drive venue, Lixiang Lake European-style town blocks like fairy tales, but the winding roads in the town, but also bring test drivers.When faced with a dilemma, the second-generation CS75PLUS can accurately record the driving path with the help of the tracking and reversing function, and easily reverse back according to the original track.It shows how smart technology can easily ensure driving safety in narrow lanes with limited space, or when it is impossible to clearly observe the rear, and help test drivers pass the customs smoothly.In addition to reversing difficult, difficult parking is also novice road most often encountered problems.Especially in the era of “pure manual operation”, parking is intimidating to novice drivers.But with the advent of valet parking, parking is no longer a problem.In this respect, Changan automobile has obviously taken the lead, APA remote valet parking system is not only widely used, but also in constant iteration.In this test drive activity, in order to let the test drivers witness the magic of APA5.0 remote valet parking system, the test drive will specially set up a simulated parking and entry scene in the test venue of Grand View Origin. The test drivers can easily complete remote parking and straight in and out by relying on APA5.0 remote valet parking system carried by the second generation CS75PLUS.Calmly deal with all kinds of narrow parking Spaces, completely say goodbye to “ga in ga out”, so that the scene of test drivers call “Risby”.While reversing and valet parking are a pain point for novice drivers, the 540° panoramic image is a mix of old and new.As anyone who drives regularly knows, it’s hard to get a full view of your surroundings from the inside of a car, with the naked eye, regardless of experience.So get out of the car to observe, often become the driver to overcome difficulties, avoid the ultimate means of collision.However, in the 540° panoramic image challenge of Star Camping Base, the second generation CS75PLUS easily solved this problem again by using four 1-megapixel 180 ° fisheye cameras to look around in a panoramic way.It not only displays the real scene around the car in 720P quality, but also supports 3D display.Without getting out of the car, you can see everything around the car and see through the chassis.Excellent performance won the spot test driver highly praised.The whole series of 8AT, Golden Power and intelligent cruise are super cool experience in hand, not only a variety of intelligent function experience, as the second generation OF CS75PLUS’s first national media and user road experience, the actual road driving link naturally can not be missed.For this reason, the test drive will carefully choose the test drive route connected by the Grand View Origin, Flower Field yard, star camping base, while leading the experience to discover the beautiful landscape of Chongqing, but also the driving control performance of the second generation CS75PLUS without reservation.The second generation CS75PLUS is equipped with two engines of 1.5T and 2.0T respectively, and the new generation AISin 8AT gearbox is standard for all series.Among them, Blue Whale’s new generation NE1.5T high pressure direct injection engine has a maximum rated power of 138kW and a maximum torque of 300N·m. The original “AGILE AGILE” air guide type efficient ultra-clean combustion system achieves the national 6B emission requirements. With aixin 8AT, it brings surging power and gives consideration to fuel economy.Comprehensive fuel consumption as low as 6.4L/100km.With more than 20 core technology upgrades, blue Whale’s new 2.0t high-pressure direct injection engine has a response speed of more than 20% higher than that of the previous generation. After matching with aixin 8AT gearbox, it can output delicate and smooth power regardless of urban commuting or high-speed driving.At the same time, with the strong acceleration capability provided by 390N·m abundant torque reserve, the second generation CS75PLUS can not only gallop outdoors, but also gallop on the high speed, bringing the test driver a delightfully driving experience.Of course, in addition to enjoying the speed and passion, we should always keep safety in mind when driving on the road.The second generation CS75PLUS fully upgrades the active safety technology, builds a more humane and powerful safety protection system, and brings the experience 5km without stepping on the brakes.In formation driving, the test driver turns on the IACC function, and the second-generation CS75PLUS can realize L2 level intelligent assisted driving.Regardless of driving with the car, or decelerating cornering, the test driver does not need to step on the brake, but is replaced by the intelligent cruise system at full speed.If you want to adjust the cruising speed, through the voice wake up small Ann can be realized, so that the use of more convenient and fast.Along the way, IACC’s perfect and reliable performance of intelligent cruise system at full speed was unanimously recognized by test drivers, fully demonstrating the strong strength of Changan Technology in the field of intelligent driving.Today’s test, tomorrow will show the edge!The six-day “evolution of the second generation CS75PLUS · More advanced – all 8AT Tomorrow-driving media and user first enjoy test drive” is still in hot progress, but it can be believed that with the pre-sale orders of more than 15,000 units, the second generation CS75PLUS reflects the sincerity of Changan Automobile manufacturing tomorrow-driving.Will continue to lead the domestic SUV market after the official launch, and continue to create new history and wonderful!