Shaodong public security: strictly check all kinds of traffic violations to ensure the orderly Spring Festival transport road

2022-05-17 0 By

Rednet moment On February 9th (correspondent Jin Bin) in order to strengthen road traffic safety control and ensure the smooth and orderly road traffic environment during the Spring Festival, the Traffic police brigade of Shaodong City public Security Bureau has increased road patrol management and strictly investigated all kinds of traffic violations.On February 7, the traffic police brigade of Shaodong Municipal Public Security Bureau investigated and punished the illegal behavior of overcrowding of an ordinary bus.At about 15:30 on the same day, the police on duty in the patrol of the past vehicle safety inspection, found a license plate number for Xiang E1C2** medium-sized bus overmanned suspect.After verification, the car nuclear load 19 people, real load 22 people, overmanned 3 people.Police to the driver of the inquiry, the driver Li mou said: holding a lucky psychological let passengers are on the car, also want to make more money, who expected to finally was traffic police seized.Police in the overmanned passengers for safe transport, the driver Li mou for severe criticism of education, let it realize the seriousness of overmanned illegal behavior.According to the “Road traffic safety law of the People’s Republic of China” the provisions of article 49, the police carried out a fine of 500 yuan, driving license 6 points of punishment.On the night of February 3, the traffic police brigade of Shaodong Municipal Public Security Bureau carried out a night inspection to crack down on serious traffic violations such as drunk driving, drunk driving and driving without a license.At 10:30 that evening, the traffic police brigade in the Jinlong bridge and 320 national Road section set up points to check cars.When a red car with a license plate was spotted, the car suddenly accelerated and swerved to the right. After hitting two cars in a row, it fled in the direction of Kurodapu.Police immediately launched an investigation and contacted the owner of the car, who told police that the car had been lent to a friend and was unaware of the incident.Under the constant communication of the police on duty, the owner and the driver to contact.Eventually, the violent driver in the friend’s persuasion to the traffic police brigade surrendered.After checking, the car driver Xie mou because of drinking wine with friends in the evening, met traffic police check car, afraid of being traffic police seized, then happened to pass chong card scene.Police punish xie mou according to law.At present, the case is still under further investigation.Warm reminder: the majority of drivers and other traffic participants, we hope that we always tighten the string of traffic safety, strictly abide by traffic safety laws and regulations, safe driving, civilized travel!At the same time, to eliminate fatigue driving, overloading passengers, speeding, drunk driving and other serious traffic violations, wear a safety helmet, fasten your seat belt, safely back home!