This Thai drama is so sweet, divorce textbook level, blow the show

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Noon’s latest new play is a new one released in 2010. Not to look at, Noon was born in 1980. She is a “little meat harvester” and works with actors younger than her.With her new play “Aristolochia” is younger than her boy, but there is no sense of disharmony, which also proves from the side, she no matter with who CP sense is very good!One of the show LanNaM maid’s daughter, she is very good-looking, but she was born is not very good, her mother is a very humble maid, and because of this identity, cause she always was derided, so she secretly swear, must let those people sit up and take notice to himself, she will play to his adoptive father idea,But Louis already had a very kind and beautiful Namu.Lanam likes his adoptive father, in all kinds of bad things around Nam, let Nam think Louie is sleeping around, in order to destroy the trust of the two, finally, really let Nam and Louie divorced, and let Louis marry him.But Louis did not announce his new wife is who, at the same time because of his scandal all over the sky, resulting in a lot of problems in his work.Noon plays Namu, who is in love with her husband, Louis.Lanam, Louie’s stepdaughter, told Nam that Louie was flirting with a lot of girls, which led to their divorce.I have to say, the woman Noon plays in the play is very straightforward, divorce is ok, want to share my money is not.Many people are amused by the practice of ripping men who cheat on women’s affections.The woman played LanNaM named Green, she and Noon in the same year, she also has many excellent actress of masterpiece, see her as a little three successful upper behavior, is very make people angry, but it has also proven, her acting is gaining recognition, don’t know you jimei, feel how her acting, because can be impressive,It must be someone with great acting skills.Pete plays Louie and Got plays Aumpon. He’s the best person to help Her get back on her feet after her divorce.This play also tells us that for your husband’s divorce, do not be afraid, do what you should do firmly, do not worry about anything, because after all, it is he did wrong, not their own mistakes, I do not know if you like this kind of drama, hand tearing mistress, just male hero?