Zhang Fei left Liu Bei’s wife to escape for his life. Liu Bei said two words coldly

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By the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, wei, Shu and Wu had divided the country into three states, forming a situation of three kingdoms.In the process of fighting among The Three Kingdoms, numerous heroes and heroines emerged, and their deeds were written into literary works such as Romance of The Three Kingdoms.Among them, the story of Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei’s peach Garden is also popular.But of liu Bei’s two brothers, Zhang Fei was known as a reckless man, and many people thought he was careless.As a matter of fact, his carelessness actually led to some mistakes. For example, when Zhang Fei was guarding Jingzhou under the orders of Liu Bei, he forgot to take Liu Bei’s wife with him and left his sister-in-law in a dangerous place because of lu Bu’s sudden rebellion.Liu Bei later said two words to Zhang Fei.Zhang Fei and Guan Yu became acquainted with Liu Bei, and they became very close to each other.When Liu Bei was engaged in some important activities, guan And Zhang often accompanied him to protect him.After Liu Bei gained xuzhou, Lu Bu came to take refuge. Considering that he was in need of manpower, Liu Bei accepted Lu Bu.However, Liu Bei was also resourceful. He left Xuzhou without Lu Bu and Zhang Fei and ordered Zhang Fei to guard the city.Liu Bei knew exactly what was going on.After he set out to wage war against Yuan Shu, Lu Bu rebelled and seized Liu Bei’s Xuzhou for himself.But what Liu Bei did not expect was that Zhang Fei did not defend the city and forgot to take his sister-in-law with him.Liu Bei’s wife became a prisoner of Lu Bu. When Liu Bei heard the news, he felt sad.But the fall of Xuzhou and the capture of his wife had become established facts, and zhang Fei was very embarrassed to escape, and even wanted to die as an apology.Liu Bei thought of his brotherly friendship in the past, and he was in need of an expert soldier to lead a war. How could he be willing to let Zhang Fei commit suicide in front of him?In order to prevent Zhang from committing suicide, Liu Bei said to him, “Brothers are like brothers and wives are like clothes.”When Zhang Fei and others heard this, they were moved: brothers always came first in Liu Bei’s heart.In fact, Liu Bei’s original intention was just to stabilize the morale of the army through this sentence. On the one hand, zhang Fei and others could be refreshed, so as to help him break into a career.At the same time, Liu Bei did not give up to save his wife.In the eyes of zhang Fei and others, liu Bei is worth his hell-bent follow.Liu Bei really had a good eye for people. In the following campaigns, Zhang Fei gave full play to his talents and made great contributions to the development of Shu.Source history exploration daquan, copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact delete!