Before the Spring Festival, kaifeng Second River Bureau visited the first line team and staff in need

2022-05-18 0 By

Kaifeng network news correspondent Yu Chuanfei reported on January 26, kaifeng second river bureau organized to carry out pre-festival visit condolence activities, bureau leadership of the condolence group, respectively visited the bureau retired comrades, difficult workers and stick to the front line of yellow control staff, for them to send holiday greetings and blessings.The bureau is mainly responsible for leading the relevant personnel, came to the home of retired old comrade Lv Ming, asked to understand its physical condition, thank him for his contribution to the yellow cause in Kaifeng Xiangfu area, and told him to take care of himself.At the same time, the other members of the bureau visited the difficult workers, stick to the line of yellow workers, each to a comprehensive understanding of their life and physical condition, encourage them to build confidence, overcome difficulties, and prepared rice, oil, eggs and cash and other gifts, brought the New Year’s holiday wishes.