Ningbo university students who are engaged in the homemaking industry can be subsidized up to 100,000 yuan

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According to the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce, recently, “Ningbo University students and college graduates entrepreneurship or employment of domestic enterprises subsidy implementation rules” (hereinafter referred to as the “implementation rules”) officially released, the maximum subsidy can reach 100,000 yuan.The Implementation Rules will come into force 30 days after its promulgation and remain valid for 3 years.In case of any discrepancy between the existing provisions and these Rules, these Rules shall prevail.According to the “implementation rules”, the subsidy object is divided into entrepreneurship subsidy, employment subsidy, of which the entrepreneurship subsidy standard is up to 100,000 yuan.The target of entrepreneurship subsidy is full-time college students and full-time college graduates within 5 years of graduation, and the enterprises that provide cooking, cleaning, moving, baby rearing, care, storage and other family services founded in the city for the first time;The target of employment subsidy is the full-time college graduate within 5 years who is registered in this city and mainly provides cooking, cleaning, moving, raising baby, taking care of, receiving and other family services for enterprises to obtain employment.From the perspective of subsidy methods and subsidy standards, eligible enterprises will be given financial subsidies of 50,000 yuan in the first year, 30,000 yuan in the second year and 20,000 yuan in the third year, with a maximum of 3 years.The maximum employment subsidy is 30,000 yuan.Eligible college graduates will be given a financial subsidy of 10,000 yuan per year for no more than three years.Applicants for entrepreneurship subsidies should also meet the following requirements: full-time college students and college graduates within 5 years of graduation, who founded a domestic enterprise for the first time and served as its legal representative, and whose enterprise had existed for more than one year by the end of last year;The enterprise is legally registered in the city and the number of employees is not less than 3, and the output value of the previous year is not less than 500,000 yuan.Applicants for employment subsidies should also meet the following requirements: college graduates within 5 years of graduation who have worked in domestic enterprises for at least one year at the end of the previous year;The employed enterprises shall be legally registered in this Municipality and have independent legal personality.Entrepreneurship of homemaking enterprises or employment oneself, should be in the Ministry of Commerce homemaking service credit information platform or Zhejiang homemaking Comprehensive service platform, Ningbo Homemaking Service home door-to-door service card management system and other government management systems to complete registration, and fill in the relevant information.From the perspectives of entrepreneurship and employment subsidies, school-enterprise cooperation, academic education and so on, attracting young people to join the “homemaking circle” is becoming a new attempt of ningbo homemaking industry to improve service level and strengthen team professionalism.As early as 2013, Ningbo Institute of Home Economics has been established in our city.By the end of 2021, Ningbo Institute of Home Economics has provided nearly 300 college students for the city’s home economics industry, and more and more graduates of related majors are serving as middle management positions in all kinds of home economics enterprises, bringing fresh blood and modern management concepts to the industry.At the same time, ningbo homemaking industry also carried out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation, released “Homemaking Service Professional Teaching Practice Guarantee Industry Model”, set up homemaking service professional talent training Hu Daolin studio, deepen the integration of industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation, integrate high-quality education resources to drive the development of the industry.We provide on-the-job training for management talents, and hold senior workshops for professional housekeeping managers every year to promote professionalism and management in the industry.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: