TVB after the heavy drama began shooting, Guo Jin ‘an, Zhou Jialuo starring, the lineup has a fresh feeling

2022-05-18 0 By

TVB frequently turn to the mainland market, just finished “The City of No Face” is a TVB sweet pet drama for the mainland market, the TVB Spring Festival Gala held two nights ago “Interactive live concert” is also exclusive to mainland users.This year is the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China, TVB will start shooting for Hong Kong and the mainland of the two major drama “Return”, by Chen Wei and Guo Jin an two old play bone bear is, there are also Zhou Jialuo, Wu Weihao, you Jiaxin, Dai Zuyi and Chen Jiahui and other new generation of actors, new and old actors to play acting, the lineup is quite prosperous.The series takes place in 1997, the year of the return, and spans the ages of 1997 and 2022. The story has a lot in common with TVB’s classic Series, The Big Ship.Chen Wei and Chinese chef Guo Jin ‘an are a couple, two people in Hong Kong jointly operate a teahouse, but later the two feelings of divorce, Chen Wei to the mainland business, establish their own food kingdom, will Hong Kong tea restaurant culture into the mainland;Guo jin ‘an chose to stay in Hong Kong and continue to operate the old teahouse.Zhou Jialuo and Wu Weihao respectively play the son of Chen Wei and Guo Jin ‘an. When Chen Wei and Guo Jin ‘an divorced, Wu Weihao followed Chen Wei to the mainland, and Zhou Jialuo stayed in Hong Kong with Guo Jin ‘an.In 1997, Chen Wei and Wu Weihao returned to Hong Kong 25 years later.Later, Wu Weihao, CEO of a start-up company, held the Greater Bay Area Entrepreneurship Competition in Hong Kong, and happened to meet Zhou Jialuo, who was going to participate in the competition. From the beginning, the story of two couples and two brothers, who live in two places, began to unfold slowly.Zhou Jialuo following the shooting of “Your Highness”, “42 chapter classics”, has not returned to “Love · Home happy Express” cast half a year.After the conclusion of “42 Chapters”, he continued to not return to the cast, and TVB reboot.Chen Wei is TVB’s well-known acting school, has been nominated five times for the “best actress” opportunity, but has been with the rear miss, this is expected to become a big hit with the new drama “Regression”.”The Return” is TVB’s big production this year, calling many old, middle-aged and young actors, the story to return to the background, nostalgic and modern sense, I believe the broadcast will set off a frenzy of two places to follow the drama.