Need glasses to watch 3D movies?Some cinemas were fined

2022-05-19 0 By

No free GLASSES for 3D movies?A cinema has been fined by market regulators for such tips.Recently, a consumer surnamed Ke reported to the Market Supervision Administration of Xiangshan County, Ningbo, Zhejiang province, that he bought two 3D movie tickets online at a cinema in Xiangshan, zhejiang Province, only to find that 3D glasses were charged extra after he arrived at the cinema.Law enforcement officers visited the theater and found that the online seat selection page of the theater had been marked with words such as “you need to bring your own 3D glasses or buy them at the front of the theater.”Zhang, the director of the cinema, explained that 3D glasses are public goods and need to be specially disinfected according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, so the cinema could only tell consumers to bring their own 3D glasses or buy them at the reception desk.In response, xiangshan County market Supervision Administration said that consumers have bought 3D movie tickets, the two parties have formed a contractual relationship, 3D glasses as a basic facility to watch 3D movies, the theater has the obligation to ensure that consumers can smoothly watch 3D movies.According to the consumers’ rights and interests protects a law “the enroach on consumer behavior punishment method” relevant provision, the cinema through the network to choose a page on the “to bring your own 3 d glasses or in the cinema at the front desk to buy” wording, such as the behavior is actually a disguised form of forced consumers to purchase 3 d glasses, separate itself should bear the service obligation to dismantle, passed on to consumers,Belong to the typical unequal form clause.Recently, the cinema was registered by the market supervision department, a fine of 1000 yuan.Source: China Consumer News