Where do people in Shenzhen spend the Spring Festival?Come to Shenzhen Festival Avenue to find the taste of New Year in the city

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Many young people come to Shenzhen with dreams, stumble all the way, but never give up the passion to pursue their dreams. They are attracted by the big city, but what they leave behind is the “Shenzhen spirit”.It is not only the continuous efforts of generations, but also the continuous inheritance of the “Shenzhen spirit” over the years that makes Shenzhen so brilliant today.From the original “time is money, efficiency is life” to the later “Coming is shenzhen people” to “Empty talk corrupts the country, solid work rejuvenates the country” and so on, these slogans have been passed down from mouth to mouth and eventually internalized into the “Shenzhen Spirit”, constantly promoting the development of Shenzhen.But the charm of Shenzhen is not only the spirit of struggle, but also its unique humanistic care.The Spring Festival is coming, how many people are lamenting the “flavor of the Year” is weak, especially the people in the city, facing high-rise buildings all day, the fast-paced life, it seems that the New Year is just two more days off.When I was a child, I went to the flower street and flower market with my parents, and watched the dragon and lion dance, Yingsong and dance and other performances. I couldn’t help but be fascinated by them, but now I can’t get excited about the high-rise buildings in the city.So “New Year flavor” and the city is not?In fact, urban cultural construction can also carry the “Flavor of the New Year”.The construction of Festival Avenue in Shenzhen has achieved this point. The construction of urban public space carries the inheritance of traditional customs, which can be regarded as a good way to “find the flavor of the New Year”.In fact, the “New Year flavor” mainly comes from the rituals of traditional customs. Without rituals, how can the “New Year flavor” come?As the Spring Festival approaches, join your family and friends for a walk along Shenzhen Festival Avenue. While shopping, enjoy traditional Chinese New Year rituals such as lion dancing and New Year greeting, chaoshan Ying singing and dancing, and find out the “taste of the New Year” in the past.When I was young, the old people in my family used to say, “When you go shopping in the flower market and dance up the lion, the atmosphere of the New Year will be strong and the New Year flavor will come out.” So we need to find the “New Year flavor”?It had to start with the lion dance.Although there is no lion in China, lion dance is a representative of Chinese culture and an indispensable part of the hearts of Chinese people.Outsiders’ first impression of lion dance may come from the movie “Huang Fei Hong”. Each martial arts school stepped on a wooden stake to cast the lion in green, attracting millions of people to watch. The image of Huang Fei Hong was closely associated with “Lion Dance” and became millions of people’s memories.For local people, lion dance is a kind of historical heritage and pride.The name of guangdong lion Dance was originally “Ruishi” and later changed to “Xingshi”, a name that embodies the blood and tears of the Chinese people.As the opium War burned to the south, people became more and more dissatisfied with the invaders, and the consciousness of national distress gradually woke up. Because the Chinese character “Rui” in Guangdong homophonic for “sleep”, so we changed “Rui Shi” to “xingshi”, meaning that the Chinese people have woken up, and the lion in the East has woken up.Nowadays, shenzhen is changing from a backward fishing village to a booming metropolis, but the patriotism of the people remains unchanged. Every worker in the city is a continuation of the “Lion Awakening spirit” and has a pure heart to serve the country.”Wherever there are Chinese people, there must be lion Dance”. The connection between lion dance and Huang Feihong’s image is not only artistic creation, but also people’s patriotic feelings.In addition to the lion dance, Yingsong and Dance is indispensable. After visiting the flower market and holding flowers, you will stop to watch the lion dance and Yingsong. This is the memory of the New Year that belongs only to the southerners.We sometimes envy our ethnic minority compatriots who have been singing and dancing since childhood. It seems that the Han people lack such a tradition.In fact, it is not, but sometimes we lost some traditional things, such as chaoshan Ying song and dance.If you come to Shenzhen Festival Avenue for a stroll, you will often see a group of people dressed in costumes, dressed as the water Margin heroes, holding round sticks up and down left and right to fight each other, accompanied by bursts of drums and gongs, Shouting, heroic steps, dance a mighty momentum.This is the traditional Han square dance – chaoshan Ying song and dance, in the singing and laughing, you still can’t find the taste of the New Year with sorrow?Intangible cultural heritage such as “lion Dance” and “Yingsong and Dance”, although there are some upsurge from time to time, but on the whole, fewer and fewer people watch it, and fewer and fewer employees. If we do not pay attention to inheritance, this “heritage” will eventually disappear.Just like those young people who are full of passion and want to create a world in Shenzhen, “hot” is only temporary, inheritance is sustainable.After watching the lion dance and chaoshan Ying song and dance, you might as well walk to the side, listen to a piece of street music, feel the attitude of modern life.In the traditional and modern shuttle, forget the busy work, tedious life, walk alone or two or three people on the festival avenue, enjoy the romance of the city with music and laughter, maybe you will suddenly find that the flavor of New Year is around you.But sometimes we walk so fast that we forget to taste the “taste of New Year”.# Shenzhen Festival Avenue #