“Big house door” bai Yuting prototype twelve gu: infatuated with Mei Lanfang, and photo married sensation Beijing

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Teleplay “big house door” there are several aunts in it, do not know why, their life is very legendary, the most wonderful flower wants bai Yuting of bai Jingqi’s younger sister inside this.Bai Yuting is the only daughter of two grandma, Bai Jingqi is the most love sister, worthy of the name.Can be such a collection myriad dote on the daughter young lady at a suit fell in love with the Ten thousand xiaoju that sing a play however, she loves to listen to his play not only, even deathly white ground marries him.Bai Yuting is the daughter of medical family young lady, 10 thousand xiaoju is just a actor, and do not say he already had wife child via, calculate if he is a bachelor, 2 grandma also won’t agree this marriage.The second grandmother was a noble lady deeply influenced by feudal thoughts. In her heart, actors and prostitutes belonged to the lowest class and were the lowest people in the society. How could her precious daughter marry a singer?Although 2 grandma does not agree with daughter to have kind of idea firmly, but bai Yuting of go its own way disregard however, claim cannot do the wife of ten thousand xiaoju, the servant girl that does him is also willing.Two grandma although smart and strong, but take this daughter can not, can only let her ladylike, became an old maid.Later, the second grandmother died, Bai Yuting said to the seventh brother Bai Jingqi: “the only one in my heart is Wan Xiaoju”;Bai Jingqi embarrashedly express oneself to entrust a person to carry several times close, but Ten thousand xiaoju does not promise.Bai Yuting to seven elder brother say: “I who also don’t beg, since can’t marry him ‬ ‬, ‬ then marry him photos, marry a chicken with chicken, married dog follows dog, I married photos with photographs.”The result bai Yuting got married with the photo of ten thousand xiaoju really, and spent a lifetime with the photo together.Bai Yuting for the idol in the heart would rather marry with its photo, a kind of strange and outrageous vulgar action and spoony, let a person feel both deplorable and pathetic.”Big House” is an old Beijing musician Tongrentang as the background of the creation of a novel, there are many characters have their prototype, bai Yuting also has her prototype, she is the director Guo Baochang’s twelfth aunt, but also bai Jingqi’s prototype Yue Jingyu’s own sister.No one knows the name of twelve sisters. she was infatuated with the emperor mei Lanfang.It is said that twelve girls as long as there is to Mei Lanfang’s play, she will always sit in the first row, holding the jewelry box in the hand, while watching tears, when the play to sing to the highlight, excited twelve girls will throw a lot of address to the stage jewelry reward.Twelve gu became more and more obsessed with Mei Lanfang. Every time Mei Lanfang closed the door after singing, she would wander in front of Mei Lanfang’s house for a long time by herself.One day, Twelve gu suddenly announced that she was going to marry Mei Lanfang. However, such a marriage was strongly opposed by the Le family.Mei Lanfang because of the lessons of Meng Xiaodong, which dare to repeat, he clearly said he would not marry twelve girls in the door.She said she was willing to be a concubine and a servant girl for Mei Lanfang, but Mei lanfang still refused.At that time, people in the family all said that Twelve sister-in-law was mentally ill, and only her elder brother, Yue Jingyu, supported her.Since you can’t marry the one you love, marry his picture.Twelve gu is a bold person, she really no matter what other people’s eyes, bought a photo of Mei Lanfang, according to all the procedures of marriage at that time, with a bang and the photo of heaven and earth.A daughter of a big house married a photo, such a strange thing immediately stir the whole Beijing, has become the talk of the town.After getting married with Mei Lanfang’s photo, 12 gu closed her door and refused to see anyone, keeping that photo alone.In fact, twelve sister-in-law at that time a person share a big share in the home, is the room with the most money of a person, there are many men willing to marry her, of course, most of those are interested in twelve sister-in-law’s money.Twelve sister-in-law to those who love, she knows that those people are love their money, she is not willing to go against their will, she spent her life with photos.The story of a daughter living her life with a photo would make headlines today.According to Guo Baochang’s memory, he had seen twelve girls far away, she was beautiful and noble, has lived until the liberation of death.Twelve sister-in-law’s life is empty and down-to-earth, along with the free and easy, she insisted on the feeling of that is not who can do.Wan ‘er (Wan) : a woman who likes reading and is obsessed with history. 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