Hubei Tianmen delicious hot pot to which?Yu Wei nan good to cool

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The joy of hot pot lies in the interest of friends and relatives, guests and companions, standing around the hot pot, boiling while hot, eating while chatting, can be abundant and frugal, it is endless fun, just as the qing Dynasty poet Yan Chen wrote, “gather around the furnace to drink and cheer, all the flavor melts in the small kettle”.Yu Wei nan old hot pot in Hubei Tianmen waiting for you.MAO belly is known as the “ceiling” in the hot pot industry, Chongqing people often say that no hair belly hot pot, visible in the hearts of chongqing people, MAO belly is how important the existence.Classic “seven up eight down”, you can get the most crisp taste.Maodu thickness is moderate, the taste is crisp and delicious, in the hot pot quickly cooked, rolled on a variety of spicy fresh dipping sauce, that wrap all the taste of delicious, let a person can not use words to describe its wonderful.Double pepper beef thin cut, this is a test of the master’s knife skills, cut the good beef 360 degrees full range is covered by green red pepper, like eating hot friends must try, the spiciness through the tip of the tongue layer by layer to the top of the head, chewing like a “small shell”, hot and sour once out, very let a person on the head.Qianlayer belly silk silk continuously boutique Qianlayer belly, crunch up, see only let a person’s tongue shengjin!In foodie terms, 10 plates is not enough!Rinse in the red soup for about 1 minutes, put into the mouth and chew carefully, juices and meat flavor instant immersion taste buds.A bite of soup, spicy filling, the more you eat the more addictive.Beef tendon: Glittering and translucent get rid of the beef tendon put on the table, as stars like ornament.Beef tendon absorbed the spicy taste of the bottom of the pot after full full of chewy, eat a bite will be addictive!High level of appearance, taste is!