Peach, you are the Olympic champion!

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China’s Xu Mengtao celebrates after her match.When ASHLEY Caldwell, the last American to appear, made an obvious mistake landing, Xu Mengtao in the waiting area realized that this time, no one could overtake her!She pointed her hands to the sky and tears blurred her eyes as she took off the snow mirror.”Peach, you’re the Olympic champion!” Caldwell said.Four Winter Olympics, 12 years of waiting, a dream that was once out of reach?Xu mengtao still couldn’t seem to believe it was real.”Am I number one?”She shouted.”Am I number one?The voice had become hysterical.China’s Xu Mengtao celebrates after her match.Draped in the national flag, she knelt down in the snow in the direction of the platform.When she got up, she couldn’t help herself, Shouting loudly over the sky of Genting Ski Park.”I won at home!”Yes, Xu Mengtao won, because of love and adhere to, because of the dream and firm Xu Mengtao won!She achieved the Breakthrough of “zero” gold medal for Chinese women’s aerials team in the Winter Olympics.China’s Xu Mengtao celebrates after her match.Vancouver Olympic Games, novice Xu Mengtao fell, wiped away tears firmly said loudly: “four years later I will be better, I will fight for the gold medal.”In Sochi, the battle-hardened athlete made a mistake on her final jump and sprained her left arm, but ended up with a silver medal.”I remember my first world championships was silver, but I went on to win gold.”Xu Mengtao walked down the podium has begun to look forward to four years later.At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, she fell on the ground again.”I don’t want to cry, I tried my best, I really want to fight for this gold medal.”Turning around, she was still in tears.Taking out the steel nail left by the treatment injury in her knee, she chose to pick up the mood and set out again.She wrote on social media: “I was the girl who ‘competed’ for gold MEDALS in three Winter Olympics. It is both a mission and an honor to compete for my country!Pay more sweat and tears are worth it, no bold words, only the determination to go to war!I don’t want to retire. My dream is still there. I don’t want to give up.”February 14, champion Xu Mengtao of China at the trophy presentation ceremony.She came to the Beijing Winter Olympics fresh off her 27th World Cup title, the first in World Cup history.She led The Chinese team to victory in the only two mixed team events at this season’s World Cup.This time, at home, her goal was to fill in the last blanks on her honor book.From the age of 19 to 31, no matter in the face of injury or low point, she never changed her original intention and lowered her goal.”In the past 20 years, I have done only one thing right — to persist out of love and to be steadfast in my dream.”On the eve of the Fourth Winter Olympics, she wrote these words to encourage herself.China’s Xu Mengtao celebrates after her match on February 14.But the cruelty of competitive sports is that effort and persistence often do not lead directly to gold MEDALS.She knows this: “I did my best, I listened to the destiny, I just put my best technique and performance on the court.””Thanks to Xu Mengtao, you can get out of that period of low days and continue to move forward.I chose to dream, love, and continue to work on such a project full of charm, challenges and hard work.Thank you for the past four years, step by step, you have come to this day.”At a news conference after winning the gold medal, she confessed that she wanted to give up four years ago.”Dream met Tao Gong, laughing at the world of mortals”, this is the source of Xu Mengtao’s name allusion, the family hope that her life can always be carefree.Now that she has completed the grand Slam, she can finally give her family what they want.On February 14, champion Xu Mengtao of China presented the trophy ceremony.Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Chang saw the “four dynasties veteran” gold medal netizens also boiling down ↓↓↓ never forget, there will be echoes xu Mengtao congratulations dream arena!Source: Xinhua