The establishment of Luoyang High-tech Zone (Luoyang Area of Free Trade Zone, comprehensive protection Zone) was officially launched

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On the morning of March 31, luoyang High-tech Zone (Luoyang Free Trade Zone comprehensive security zone) held the opening ceremony of its internal offices.The official operation of “six departments and three centers” and the comprehensive implementation of the development mode of “management committee + Company” marks a solid step in the restructuring and revitalization of the high-tech zone reform.Jianxi party Secretary, high-tech zone (Luoyang area of free trade zone, comprehensive protection area) Party working committee secretary Niu Gang, deputy director of municipal Political research office, full-time deputy director of reform office Chen Ning attended the ceremony and unveiled the plaque.The opening ceremony was presided over by Wang Yaoguang, deputy secretary of jianxi Committee, deputy secretary of party Working Committee and director of management Committee of high-tech zone (Luoyang area of FTZ, comprehensive protection area).Since Last December, the hi-tech Zone has earnestly implemented the reform deployment of the CPC Municipal Committee and the municipal government to rebuild and revitalize the hi-tech zone, comprehensively implemented the development mode of “management committee + company”, carried out the reform of “three industrialization and three systems”, completely stripped social management functions, focused on industrial development, and vigorously promoted project construction.After more than three months of efforts, the party working Committee and management committee of the high-tech Zone have all been in place, and all the staff of the internal institutions have been recruited by competition.The official operation of “six departments and three centers” marks that the reform of the system and mechanism of the high-tech zone has achieved preliminary results, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the industry in the next step.NiuGang comrade that high-tech zone will adhere to the “innovation to industry, industrial land on tuyere” idea, the depth of plotting the hydrogen, robots and other leading industry and biological medicine characteristic industry, the high-tech zone, zone, free trade area and protect area and cross-border electricity heald test area “five area overlay” policy advantage focus on the tuyere industry development, strive to promote high-tech zone to the “high” and climb,To “new”, further consolidate the industrial foundation, do enough industry, expand industrial strength, and strive to “build a strong sub-center, form a growth pole, revitalize The glory of Luoyang” to make high-tech responsibility and contribution.At the same time, we also hope that the comrades of the six ministries, three centers and two group companies will focus on the decision-making and deployment of the Party Working Committee and management Committee, focus on the development of the leading industry of the high-tech zone, focus on the historic task of rebuilding and revitalizing the high-tech zone, and work together to overcome difficulties and create new high-tech brilliance!Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Luoyang Customs, the leaders of six departments and three centers newly established, the working committee of the district organs, the main responsible comrades of the district companies, and the district market supervision Bureau, housing and Construction Bureau, tax bureau, traffic patrol brigade, planning branch and other units attended.(Wang Bingbing, Comprehensive Coordination Department, Luoyang High-tech Zone)