A new scam in the baijiu world: Using three “tricks”, a flood of “additive liquor” is flooding the rural market

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Baijiu circle new scam: recant 3 big “routine”, a lot of “additive wine” pour into rural market rural market have great effect!Especially in recent years, the liquor market competition in big cities is very fierce.In front of maowujian, after the red star Niulanshan, there are many two or three lines of liquor in the middle, arguing with each other.In these brand wine, in order to seize the city market, and use every means of time, some unscrupulous wineries, seeing no profit, they hit the rural market “crooked”.Relying on a few big wine selling routines, make a large number of “additive wine”, poured into the rural market, people are hard to guard against.Today, we are going to talk about the common wine selling routines in rural markets, how to buy wine, and finally we will share two kinds of wine, after watching it, you can easily identify the routines, and no longer worry about the good wine to drink!First, a look at the baijiu industry’s new scam: how “additive liquor” is flooding the rural market with three “tricks”.Have you ever seen a brand wine and given gifts to sell it?We often encounter them in the countryside.Saying is manufacturer direct sale, it is the inferior wine of a few copy big brand actually just, mouthfeel fragrance is additive hook moves, estimate the small gift price that cost still did not send is high, special “flicker” the old people of the village.Do not want to spend the money, buy a pile of “additive wine” to add to the block, do not let the old people in the home to buy.There are some small workshops that pay special money to buy bottles of famous brands.A few yuan or dozens of yuan a, after cleaning treatment, filling with additives blended essence wine, turn to sell according to the real price, to earn high profits.This kind of fake means, can be said to be very clever, ordinary people can not see, if the flow to the rural market, it is very difficult to be found, after all, heard the name of the wine, really drink less, even if the drink is wrong, will not think that is to buy fake, only feel that the wine taste strange, drink the top.All yellows are vintage wines. Must all yellows be vintage wines?No, no, no!In the aging process, only a small portion of rice wine and soy wine turned yellow.Like fragrant wine and rice wine, if there is a yellow situation, it means that the wine is not qualified.Besides, real vintages are hard to come by, even for ordinary people.In the rural market, the “vintage wine” in the rotten street is probably “additive wine”. If you don’t want to drink it, you should not buy it.A lot of poor-quality wine, is relying on these methods, let a large number of poor-quality wine into the countryside, and these unscrupulous small workshops made the SINS, but finally let the bottled wine on the market bear.As a result, many elderly rural people only drink home-brewed wine rather than bottled wine. Some people even think bottled wine is unreliable, leading to many distilleries that insist on making good wine, which is really bitter.Is bottled wine really so unreliable?Of course not.Most bottled wine is supervised by the market, and there is no doubt about its safety. Instead, it is brewed from home, so there is no guarantee of safety. If you want to drink wine, you should try to choose bottled wine.There are two obvious characteristics of high-quality bottled wine, namely, the bottle body with grades and no additives in the raw materials.There are many good wines with these two characteristics at the same time. Have you tasted these two wines?Each one tastes good and is affordable enough to serve as a ration wine.This wine has a good reputation in Guizhou, and is the first choice for many old wine lovers to drink and entertain guests.It was brewed by li Xingfa, the father of Maotai-xiang.When other liquor prices continue to rise, always adhere to the public to drink affordable sauce wine, steadfast wine, good wine into the heart, never play tricks with wine friends.We are very frugal in raw materials, using the best quality red glutinous sorghum, and it takes a year to turn sorghum into wine.It takes 10 years to store each bottle before it leaves the factory, and the wine that comes out is always of the best quality.The wine color is bright, hanging the cup is obvious, the moment you open the bottle, the rich aroma immediately hits your face, the liquor touches your lips and tongue, the wine is mellow and delicate, the sauce flavor is outstanding, inviting to swallow, a mouthful, full of warmth, lingering charm is more lasting.Compared with expensive sichuan liquor, hubei liquor is much “low-key”.Rice fragrant flowers, and more than a decade ago, yichang ZhiJiang daqu, especially ZhiJiang daqu, is undisputed king “China wine”, and now the tables have turned and jingzhou ensuring far to catch up with the former, become the new “wine king” of hubei hubei wine, but also has been dubbed the “hubei maotai” this 12 years of ensuring, is transparent glass bottle, open a bottle of liquor, quietly elegant clean,The entrance is soft and soft, with obvious grain aroma, but the wine is slightly weak, but in general, the flaws do not hide, or it is worth starting with.