After the warriors’ 14-game loss, the warriors’ coach gave the Jazz nine words

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The Warriors were down 14 in the third quarter when Clarkson fouled Damian Lee with a 3-pointer at 4:42 in the final.And the jazz coach, take this opportunity to directly pick up the tactics board, Mitchell and Royce o ‘neal players together, such as patience told them the details, then, the referee considers the warriors succeeds, damien lee did not foul, two teams in the circle jump ball, damien – li some helpless, also direct sigh, and stand stand hand.1 minutes and 34 seconds, made butler library Ming and blocking foul, the referee whistle, free throws when butler, the lens again find bench garage, garage just staring at the ground, eyes full of expectation, he wanted to win, also has been aiming at a championship, but free throws after butler, warriors, 28 points behind, margin nearly 30 +, warriors want to win, even harder.Last 21 seconds, jazz possession, but no offense, but, after all, the warriors are backward, and the gap is not small, this not only disappoint fans, even the players on the pitch damien lee endure not endure, although Sir Want to run out of time, quietly damien lee did not give up, but accelerate the blunt past, jump to try many times to break the ball after points, but the opponent did not give him the opportunity,Golden State lost 111-85 to the Jazz at the end of the fourth quarter, missing out on a 10th straight win for the warriors, who lost for the 14th time this season and are currently in second place in the Western Conference.After the loss, Warriors coach Kerr said of Utah: “Give credit to Utah’s defense.”After the game, Curry said that the loss is not terrible, we all know that the regular season has 82 games, there is a chance to turn the result around.Warriors star Anderson was asked about the trade deadline and said, “I check my phone to see if there’s a trade. At the end of the day, it’s business.”Once Green and Iguodala are out, the Warriors will have problems with Utah’s level of defense,” commentator Su Qun said.The game, not green, & Jones, he scored 18 within the team the best, Arsenal played 29 minutes, scored 16 + 7 + 2 + 4 error data, damien – lee, Gary payton and center loonie 0 0 2 each, three people together to just two points, as one person in the Treasury, the warriors shock Sir Lost 26 points, is no accident, among them,In 5 categories of rebounds + shots + assists + blocks + turnovers, he is inferior to his opponents, 35-52 in rebounds, 17-26 in assists, 13-12 in turnovers, and shooting 35.9-46.1 percent from the field.Today, it is worth mentioning that, the warrior is not the only shock loss of NBA teams, James led the lakers to 2 points, 26-30 to 9 in the west and black 3 in a row and the heat to the east 1, but the nets, durant’s haddon trade rumors, plus Owen not budge, participating the session is extremely limited,As a result, the Nets lost 9 consecutive games after the green Army, and even a single game of 5 starting stars only take 6 points + all 0 free throws, so that the Nets became the first team in the NBA in the past 30 years.