The plot and ending of The Green King in the Mirror

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In the TV series “Mirror twin Cities”, the king of Qing cooperated with cangliu people 100 years ago, and was the chief culprit of the fall of the Kingdom of Empty Sang. Then why did he betray his country?What is the purpose of the Green King?This will start from white’s father, Old White King, white Maya’s mother is the old white king’s wife, and white King has a side wife, this side wife is Bai Lin’s mother, is also the sister of Green King, and green king’s plot is from the white family.In bai gens, Bai Lin with white Ying is the sister half-sister, but always be white the power of the king’s eldest daughter to inherit been issued, and Bai Lin is the king’s niece, besides the green king has been ambitious, naturally don’t want to make white Ying inheritance of been crown princess, so he wanted to make white Ying Bai Lin replaced, the main reason is that Bai Lin mind simple, better than white Ying control,Can achieve his goal of further control of the Kongsang dynasty.The young king’s power in air is high, the emperor of incompetent and he can’t, so he planned very well, at the same time, in cooperation with surging flow began calculating white Ying, this just had his stunning shark soma people sent to the white tower, and soma also according to the requirements of the green king, and the success of the temptation to white Ying, and broke her seal,Sumer and Maya White actually fell in love during their relationship.Green plot does not succeed, wang has made a prospective for jc to shed, it was his betrayal overturns the empty mulberry directly, let thousands of kin died, he also suppressed, one hundred years after the white Ying, soma, haze and others to avoid tecrc take water, heavenly sword, the empty mulberry’s predecessor, qing wang appeared again, once he after selling the whole country,In order to protect himself and the Qing ethnic group, he went to his own fiedom jiu Yi Shan, and his status became Jiu Yi King.We cannot help asking: why is King Jiu yi not so old and immortal after 100 years?In the original novel, witch surging flow ten wu, in addition to salty, wu ji, others changed several crop, wu ji developed because of the wrath of the salty food prolong life pill, qing wang also ate prolong life pill didn’t die, in the TV series, one hundred years ago the green king, with the help of the wise, successful solved his blood pact and soma, also with the help of the wise, qing wang also can survive.Tecrc is not only the green king fief, mulberry’s tomb is also empty, empty mulberry every emperor and the empress structure.baiwei’s grave, he may be wise to have warned that the king of blue and green is also the guardian of the tomb in tecrc, in soma and white Ying line came to tecrc, qing wang, a trap waiting to take the bait, soma line to blow their sky-high,Finally was su Copy all found that is a trap, just escaped.In the novel, The King died of pain after being wrung by Suno in an underground palace. Before he died, he prayed to the god of destruction: I have done your will all my life…Devil, have you come to ferry me now?From the depths of the underground palace came a faint sigh: demon crossing all living beings, dirty life ah, you may rest in peace….For his life he is notorious for practicing power, betraying his homeland and killing his colleagues.People like Qing Wang deserve to die in the end.# New Year pet Fan Challenge #