Don’t rush to buy!Redmi K50 e-sports version welcomes breakthrough, domestic screen quality exceeds Samsung

2022-05-22 0 By

To sum up, the competition in the domestic smartphone market is still quite fierce at present, while Redmi has always been highly competitive, constantly reducing the performance of its flagship phone, and the cost performance of the phone is very high, and the sales volume has been far ahead.This time, rice fans should be looking forward to Redmi K50 series, K series is Redmi trump card, at the same time, the online related Revelations are also more, the first release is Redmi K50 e-sports version.Of course, the news about Redmi K50 e-sports version has also been revealed in advance. This phone is positioned as an e-sports phone, carrying flagship Snapdragon 8Gen1, and adopting the industry’s largest cooling area VC, bringing better power consumption and heat control.It will also come with a 5000mAh battery, 120W of wired fast charging, which can charge the entire phone in 17 minutes, and excellent hardware.However, as an esports phone, screen quality, certainly is the most concerned about the user, and the same is the main cost performance, the use of sports car elements design, Redmi K50 esports version is inevitable, will be taken and IQOO9 comparison, and IQOO9 screen quality is very top, Samsung E5 material face screen,Support 120Hz high brush, display effect is still very good.But Lu Weibing does product, also can’t lose.Redmi K50 essports version and Huxing Photoelectric customized a top OLED face screen, which has obtained international authoritative image quality certification, DisplayMateA+. Meanwhile, it is equipped with primary color screen technology. In order to ensure better anti-slip and anti-fall performance, this screen is Victus Gorilla glass.More to look forward to, according to the popular blogger digital chat site, Redmi K50 esports edition is 1920Hz HIGH-FREQUENCY PWM dimming, which is huawei flagship only used technology, it can bring better eye protection effect.To tell the truth, many people will feel that using home-made screen, is a scheme to save money, but actually the domestic screen also has a very high level of science and technology, such as high frequency PWM technology, samsung screen has no implementation, and both huawei and the cooperation of the east, or millet and core photoelectric hand in hand, for domestic manufacturers, is a good news,Can promote the rapid development of domestic goods, domestic technology.And Redmi is definitely a leader. Many products are made of domestic components, which is what Chinese enterprises should look like.Redmi K50 e-sports version is more worth looking forward to. At least at present, from the appearance design of this phone, shoulder keys + the RGB light effect on the back of the body + sports car elements and other aspects, it is indeed better than IQOO9, but also has a sense of e-sports.In addition, Lu Weibing is sincere about the pricing of the product. Although it is said on the Internet that the starting price of this phone is 3699, I think it may be a smoke screen. I boldly predict that the starting price of this phone will be under 3200 YUAN, which may be the cheapest Snapdragon 8 phone.Are you looking forward to Redmi K50?If the price is less than 3000 yuan, will you choose to buy?