Refrigerator essential small wonton, delicious, easy to operate, with two small wonton bag method

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Refrigerator essential small wonton, delicious, easy to operate, with two small wonton bag method.At home, I generally like to make wonton, which is convenient to wrap and more stuffing makes it more satisfying.But every time I like to order small wonton to eat outside, think that kind of small wonton with soup to eat very fresh and beautiful.Recently, many people are hoarding vegetables, I also went to the market, the material is very rich, it seems there is no need to stockpile too much, I am going to buy some meat stuffing to store some wontons, when I don’t want to cook, I will eat some wontons, convenient and delicious.It seems that we haven’t made small wonton at home for a long time. We all miss it and will prepare it today.Wonton my family most often eat is celery meat stuffing, today spent 20 pieces to buy meat and celery, wrapped a lot of small wonton, enough for our breakfast a week.Of course, I won’t eat wonton every morning, otherwise the best won ton is not fragrant, but it is really convenient to have some wonton at home.I used to like to make big wonton because I was not good at making small wonton. Every time I made small wonton, I had to ink for a long time. I thought it was too time-consuming.Now THAT I have learned several ways to make small wonton, today I would like to share two of my favorite ways to make small wonton, one good-looking and one quick.Wrapped small wonton refrigerated storage, so no matter breakfast, lunch or dinner, when you want to eat can, and as long as a few minutes to eat the mouth, super convenient.Small wonton xianxiang many people love to eat, in addition to the taste of small wonton stuffing itself, there is a small wonton soup are very fresh, today there is no stock, simple lard, laver, coriander and light soy sauce, pepper soup, taste is also very delicious.Small wonton have to bring soup like this, otherwise you can’t eat this feeling.All right, let’s watch me make small wontons.Ingredients: 600 grams of pork, 250 grams of celery, 1 piece of ginger, 1 piece of spring onion, 1 spoon of light soy sauce, 1 spoon of dark soy sauce, 1 spoon of cooking wine, a little pepper, 2 spoons of salt, white sugar, small wonton skin amount.Specific approach: meat stuffing: 1, the first ground pork, can also be chopped with a knife, is a little useless hand.Add light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, pepper and cooking wine to the ground meat, stir well, clockwise until the gelatin of the pork.2, pick out the rotten yellow leaves of celery, cut the root soak for a while to clean, and then cut into celery.Wash and chop the ginger and spring onion separately.3. Put chopped celery and ginger and spring onion into chopped meat and stir well. Add salt and sugar to taste, and add half a bowl of water to stir well.Method 1:4, take a small wonton skin on the palm, use chopsticks to take a small piece of meat stuffing in the middle, and then wipe a little water on both sides of the wonton skin.Fold in half into a triangle, and knead the two corners together again, and a beautiful small wonton is wrapped.Wrap small wonton method two: 6, put the small wonton skin on the finger position, in the middle of the position on the appropriate amount of meat stuffing.7. Bend the four fingers around the wonton skin, which is wrapped with the meat stuffing on the chopsticks. Pull out the chopsticks and pinch the small wonton.Wrapped small wonton in the refrigerator for storage, leaving a small part of the first to eat.9. Prepare a soup bowl for one person, add coriander and laver, pork, pepper, light soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, put an appropriate amount of water in the pot to boil, use boiling water to adjust the soup, and then pour on the sesame oil.10, water into small wonton, the fire boiled, change to small fire boil 5 minutes or so, add 3 times of cold water midway, see small wonton all floating on the water is cooked.Take out the cooked small wonton and put it in the soup, stir it and eat it.Delicious delicious small wonton is really delicious, children also eat a lot of it.Which of the two small wontons do you like best?I prefer the second method, which is very fast and children say it looks like jellyfish when cooked.This is the first time I heard this metaphor, it seems that there is a little bit like, ok, today’s small wonton to share here, you can also like later such a bag more put in the refrigerator, whenever you want to eat.Thank you for reading, I’m Baa Baa, if you have a better opinion, please leave it in the comments section below, your opinion is my motivation.Pay attention to baa Baa little kitchen, share delicious and healthy food recipes with you every day, if you are interested, welcome to like, collect, forward and share.The text and pictures are my original, strictly prohibited handling, plagiarism will be prosecuted!