Spring Festival I at work: the original mind such as rock, guard for you!

2022-05-22 0 By

Welcome auspicious tiger year, management is not absent;Spring Festival I am on duty, the original heart does not close.The Spring Festival, a traditional Festival of the Chinese nation, means reunion, means joy.In this most lively and happy day, but there is such a group of people, still insist on the job, for the guardian of the city’s neat and orderly, civilized and peaceful and left-behind “business”, practical guarantee management is not vacant, no disjunction, for the majority of citizens friends to celebrate the festival escort.Today is the sixth day of the first lunar month. On the eve of the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the Urban Management Bureau of Xixia County has deployed all staff in advance to regulate and manage the urban order in an all-round way, ensuring the elimination of “festival diseases” and the restoration of “clean beauty”.For the majority of citizens to work, life to provide a cleaner and orderly environment.There is a special flavor called “perseverance”, there is a special feeling called “dedication”.This is xixia chengguan “different” Spring Festival!The horn of struggle has sounded, a new journey has also begun!Xixia Chengguan will continue to be full of vigor and energy, concentrate their efforts and strive for the future.