A bright moon romantic descendants stay, jiangshanyi hero tears long leisurely

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Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art round bright moon romantic descendants stay, jiangshanyi hero tears long leisurely.A wisp of incense soul floating, clear tears fall silent, posterity don’t ask cangmang let me love.The eventful wind and rain, the needle sun and moon Ming, left for the future generations of heaven and earth for new fine.Still in today, can not find, thirty-six peaks ape called twilight cloud deep.A thousand years of life, splash-ink jiangshan million descendants, counting heroes change the universe.Set vicissitudes of life, two lines of hero tears, the merits and demurs are not posterity theory, talk about heaven and earth rise and fall.Do not see now, a day to meet when, leave the future generations of heaven and earth have public and private.Leave posterity thousands of ancient poems, vacant heaven and earth who knows, the vicissitudes of the universe is set, the number of vicissitudes of life I have been crazy.Boundless a fishing boat, posterity where fishing flute outside the setting sun, wuding river ancient ferry.For the country, the number of heroes, do not forget the sages, a vast hope in the world.The number of qing qing out of the clouds, is not inadvertently everywhere, stay with future generations to association, I do not know the world has joys and sorrows.Later generations of honor, heaven and earth selfless righteousness, set the nation anbang spirit number Kunlun.The two mountains of heaven and earth, left and posterity hero buried place, how much wind and rain Dingjiangguan.Snow fluttering, proud branches particularly jiao, ice muscle leisurely self appreciation, heart through the clouds.Through the window lattice, you smell the sound of cuckoo, magpie branches do not cry, fragrance floating garden.A song on snow, embellish window sill, magpie branches full of incense.Branches spring dark incense over the bridge, the moon through a dream screen window at present.Ling frost spit fragrance, bloom from fragrance, you song a song qiankun long.The beginning of the rosy clouds, the clouds light leisurely nature, magpie branches floating provoking pity.Clear water leisurely, through the West floor, magpie branches incense floating soft shadow.Vomit fragrance, provoking madness, ice flesh and bones leisurely think of dreamland.On dusk, branches do not dye dust, jade flute melodious spread yayon, red plum blossom through the spirit.Jade bone through qinghan, a quyou song around nine days, magpie branches floating provoking pity.Jade bone ice muscle ya-yun leisurely, a bit clear autumn, branches nave floating attract visitors to stay.Branches of apricot smile spring, the wind sent fragrance dream frequency, a drunken beauty through the screen window.Floating moon, ice soul snow proud branches, a plum blossom fall, drunk through the universe of sorrow.Overnight east wind through bi Xiao, cloud you warm flowers jiao, magpie branches singing spring song, plum bloom fragrance enchanting.Spring breeze stroke peach blossom green water, magpie branches floating worrying.Branches flower building, fragrance floating jade bone exquisite, shuying diagonal charm leisurely.Fragrance where to stay, three lane full branches, you song a screen drunk xiaolou.Autumn fans, wide wild geese low, branches with the wind and yellow leaves, hedge side dark incense and open habitat.You song a song feeling difficult, three more dream, suddenly see the branches floating is the sound of spring.Not afraid of the cold, fragrance floating provoking pity, jade bone exquisite, a wisp of you think dream pull.Proud snow fragrance Yin is not easy, branches nave provoking pity, you song a song of the world of mortals dream is sweet.Dongfeng night you garden to see apricot flowers, magpie branches floating into thousands of homes.Qu shui you, through the curtain hook, the branches of the yellow sparrow fragrance heart stay.Magpie reported new fine, fragrant flowers all over the city, red through cherry flute rhyme with you.Floating yellow thin, proud snow branches ice muscle elegant rhyme, heart a bit through the dust.Yanran hundred mei health, spring breeze letter to the border city, a few layers of flowers.Let the wind and rain destroy the dream, used to see the cold degree of old age, people know the changes in temperature, cloudy or sunny circle by the day.And bleak, the world is always close to the situation, how much the world knows, the wind and rain as I.Human changes in temperature is unusual, the world is always sunny chapter, mo Yan cool more changes, one hundred years of wind and rain as vicissitudes of life.The world is not a person, a few degrees of wind and rain in spring, do not always change.Used to see the wind and rain out of the situation, cold and warm world circle lack ren Jun review.Cloudy and sunny circle and lack, taste to lengnuanshi know how much, wind and rain life another year.The world a few degrees of cold, round lack of total gratuitous, the fickleness of the world million difficult.The human world is fickly and easy, the sun and moon in the spring and autumn are long, and the vicissitudes of life are few.A dream, always difficult to disappear, human lengnuanqing ren Lonely.Cloudy and sunny circle a few reincarnation, the human world not since sorrow, the fickle world wind and rain ren Jun cut.Regardless of the process, the total lack of love circle, the fickleness of the world thousands of changes, vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of ten thousand Ming.What about the fickling world and wind and rain, joys and sorrows always become chapters.Long years of wind and rain, a few vicissitudes of life, human always hurt.The circle lacks this impermanence, the world is busy, the fickleness of the world wind and rain calendar vicissitudes of life.A smile, the total correlation, the fickleness of the world of mortals.The fickness of the world 100 taste, a few vicissitudes of wind and rain through the vicissitudes of life, vicissitudes of life chapter.Total cuiwei, the world a few reincarnation, the world knows how much, heaven and earth Yin qing ren to.Sunny view of the world, joys and sorrows to see human, no harm at the foot of the journey.Cold and warm human nature is not god’s will, cloudy and sunny world is yunyan, who can expect since ancient times, the wind and rain swaying another year.Sorching cool all god, life wind and rain lack why to ask, from clear.Always difficult, human changes in temperature irrelevant, the world knows how much, the wind and rain only.Cold and warm world regardless of years, total phase lead, the fickle world know how much, together.The fickleness of the world a dream, a few wind and rain and years, waxing and waxing at ease days.Swaying a few degrees, the fickleness of the world lengnuannuanknow how much, tiandao Yin qing ren go back.Rain beat ping, fire clouds burn through the stars, the sun in the sky, poetry and painting qin chess with night fireflies.People difficult old, merciless increasingly inflammatory, do not say the fire cloud burn, the wind still from the residual cold.No hot weather in the sky, as fu Music, such as fire cloud rolling cool into the drawing.Sky fire cloud wind dew cold as ice, poetry heart a sorching I alone bright.Take a seat to relieve the summer heat, cloud room from the tea, don’t say there are poets in the world.The poem tide turns the blue waves, a mouth blood asperses yan day, fire cloud spurts thin red flag dance big thousand.Eliminate the heat, not poetry, fire cloud a lotus fragrance into dreamland.Open to the day, flapping, poetry friends sing friends gao Zhao happy leisurely.Wind often in, selfless fire cloud burning, the fickleness of the world more changes, poetry fu Le at large.Poems full of flowers sleeve, a few hot summer heat ying, fire cloud burning cool dream.A scholar in the heat of summer, sail freely, pen fire cloud gully swing without wind.A set sun like fire cloud, jinfeng send cool and meet you, poetry heart not old and the world points.The month moves branch, be like fire cloud xia ying green pool, cool and refreshing infinite good, leisurely mood yi zhi fu new poem.Wine chant poetry invite under the moon, scorching heat like a steamer, fire clouds suddenly make downpour rain, suddenly the wind rolls the earth.Summer day as fu seek bosom friend, fire cloud burning cool into my bosom.Motionless rain, wind volume residual load has gone with the water, where to find clear sky.River wind blowing white hair, burning sun west inclined, hot summer poetry heart with falling flowers.One hundred poems, descendants who know, the fire cloud sprays thin air up, the wind rolls red flag hunting yan zi.The fickleness of the world is not true, as fu always hurt god, the fire cloud burned residual red spring again.The sun wheel is high, the wind sends cool and refreshing into bi Xiao, life is infinite good, hot summer from the free and unfettering.The wind to send flowers into the building, fire cloud feidu month such as hook, hot summer poetry heart refused to rest.Poetry sea sail children compete heroes, fire cloud spray thin red flag on the nine.Day in the sky, xing is thick, suddenly see fire cloud cool wind through the heart.Burning sky to ji, blowing rain for autumn, poetry into the cold without so.Faint tears two lines, acacia a wisp of moon to where, midnight cool breeze penetrating.Xiaoxiang night gradually cool, heart with wild geese hengyang, sad blue sweater hate dream long.My heart is like the moon according to the west window, love to deep when the night has been cool, Du Yu voice in the melancholy broken, cuckoo crow blood dyed tears into line.– Zheng Huixian original Art #