An Anhui woman sent her sister to school when her brother woke up crying in the hospital, touching netizens

2022-05-23 0 By

A woman in Fuyang, Anhui province, took her eldest daughter to school recently, but her younger son woke up and ran into the yard crying, prompting neighbors to come.I saw a picture of a child in thin clothes standing at the gate of the yard, only heard the child crying, but did not see the rest of the family, then came from outside two adults, one quickly called the child’s mother.Another saw that the child was wearing only a thin dress and immediately took off his clothes and put them on the child. Then a man climbed into the wall and picked up the crying child. When bao’s mother came back from taking her daughter to school, she was moved by her neighbors and thanked them quickly.Netizens left comments in the comments section after seeing such a heart-warming image.”It’s true that sometimes a close neighbor is better than a distant relative. It’s wonderful to have such a neighbor, who will lend a helping hand in times of trouble.””It is estimated that my mother was moved after seeing this picture. Such a neighbor is really good. I am glad that I have such a neighbor.””The child is still young, see his mother is not around, the first time must be up to look for his mother, fortunately, neighbors came to hear the sound, if the bad guy, the consequences are unimaginable.”There are many good people in the world. After all, it is good for neighbors to help each other occasionally.