Jj Lin has revealed that he has a sore throat after being diagnosed with COVID-19

2022-05-23 0 By

Guide language:Not long ago, jay Chou said in the social platform articles, their own health problems, provoked many netizens love dearly, everybody also urged the new song jay Chou, no longer have asked jay Chou, attention body, to see things, the more noise, the greater the kun ling to respond, said jay Chou body no matter, then everyone will focus, on the jj Lin, after all,The songs of these two are half of the sky.To my surprise, jj Lin posted on his social media platform that he was diagnosed with COVID-19, with specific symptoms of sore throat, chills and headaches. Besides, he did not feel seriously ill. He apologized to his close contacts and asked his fans not to worry.After revealing the jj Lin articles, even three hot search, respectively, “jj Lin confirmed new champions”, “jj Lin brokerage firm response”, “jj Lin America” the heat of the high of jj Lin, originally you know jj Lin confirmed later, everyone is very love him, until finish see this hot search, “America, jj Lin”, significant changes have taken place in people attitude.Netizens have said, jj Lin is themselves, the result was a result of his own, is not worth love, have the time, it is better to love the “white”, they pay so much for the outbreak, might as well be a stew of male star, a net friend, although ugly fact, jj Lin is yourself, not worth sympathy,So what happened to Jj Lin in America?March, jj Lin, run the singing, disco dance performances, nobody is wearing a mask all the way, as we all know, the United States is now a hard-hit, is increasingly confirmed tens of thousands of local, when jj Lin’s performance, also don’t do protection, a big heart, don’t put their own life, as one thing, what are you expect?As we all know, this disease is a sequela, the impact on the voice is also very big, I hope it will not affect Lin Junjie’s career, this period of time, Lin Junjie or quietly recuperate, do not run around, so as not to spread, not good for themselves and everyone, to tell the truth, such Lin Junjie, really not worth heartache.It is understandable that he had to go to the United States to perform, but it is very incomprehensible that he did not wear a mask during the whole journey. In the end, he was infected abroad, caused transmission, and returned to China for treatment, which really brought chaos to the country.At any time, health is the most important, if there is no life, then earning so much money for what?What do you think about that?Will people still support Jj Lin?