King of Glory different reward contrast, emperor of Europe legend epic all have, non chiefdom can only take the brave

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During the Spring Festival, there are many skin related welfare activities, and in these activities, different players’ rewards form a sharp contrast, so take a look!The first is the bell shaking activity, in this activity, everyone through login and other ways to get props, and props can be given to friends to sign, to get small bells, bells can be used for lottery.Prizes are divided into high and low three grades, which everyone is the most eye-catching of course is the most high-grade reward, The Emperor can get the reward of the legendary skin, and ordinary people brush out of the reward is already owned, a little chicken ribs.The second event is the Tiger Market, and the contrast is even more stark.The Euro Emperor can spawn the highest level of epic skins, similar to cat and Dog Diaries, Dawn Guardian, etc., and even get the legendary red envelopes of cash.And ordinary players can only take the brave skin, points this way, I do not know that everyone has drawn what reward?Another Spring Festival activity is to shake wishes.In this activity we can choose three of their own want to reward, including the senior skin, companion and hero, most of the people only shake the hero, but the Emperor is never short.But some players are even worse off, forgetting that the event didn’t happen and will have to come back next year.What rewards did you get this Spring Festival?Welcome message interaction ~