M5 is not only a transportation tool, but also an intelligent “new partner”

2022-05-23 0 By

Nowadays, a car is no longer a simple means of transportation, but more a symbol of status. Especially for some successful people, a luxurious car may bring a breakthrough in their career.Today I will focus on recommending it to see if it is your Dearm Car?The 10.4-inch curved LCD panel of AITO M5 adopts natural bending design on both sides, and the 15.6-inch 2K HDR intelligent central control large screen has 16:The ultra-narrow bezel of 9 has a 90% screen ratio, a total area of about 2 square meters of panoramic canopy, ICAS air purification system, and NVH control system to create a quiet library cabin.In addition, it is equipped with intelligent light language, L2+ intelligent auxiliary driving, V2L reverse charging and other configurations.These are all necessary black technology in the era of intelligent cars.At the same time, AITO asked M5 from pure electric drive increased e-course (DE – I), the platform gathered force, six years of core technology, the integrated intelligent generator sets, gold drive combination, battery PACK, intelligent control and so on has carried on the comprehensive optimization, the integrated intelligent generator converts energy perfectly, which can realize 1 litre 3.2 KWH,20% higher than the industry;At the same time, in the development process of intelligent control strategy, pure electric drive range extension platform (DE-I) fully considers the road conditions, altitude, temperature, load, vehicle conditions and other factors, can automatically identify more than 860 kinds of scenes, through neural algorithm, accurate matching.In addition, “Adding Intelligence to Auto” is the brand slogan of AITO. Intelligence is another core competitiveness of M5, and Huawei technology adds many highlights to it. The new car is equipped with Huawei’s latest HarmonyOS operating system, which is an important part of the whole smart car.It can support continuous one minute of speech without panting intelligent recognition, said to be “almost all commands can be executed by intelligent voice”, this is obviously a great progress, especially relative to the joint venture brand, leading completely is an era.In addition to its own core technology and Huawei’s technical support, there is no doubt that the practical implementation of a product also needs strong production capacity.The new car was born in The Company’s own Liangjiang Smart factory, which is the most advanced smart car factory in China and abroad. It is completely built in accordance with industry 4.0 standards, and more than 1000 robots in the factory can work together.This new model no matter from the external structure, or the internal configuration, can see the sense of intelligence and luxury.This also means that the entire automotive industry is no longer a simple means of transportation, but our intelligent “partner”.