The Winter Olympics Spring Festival concert “Peace, Friendship and Love” was broadcast to a global audience

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China News Service Paris, February 3 (reporter Li Yang)The “Peace, Friendship and Love” concert for the Winter Olympic Games was broadcast to nearly 300 million French-speaking audiences in France, Belgium and Switzerland, Africa, Asia, North America and Latin America. The concert was broadcast by TV5 Monde on Monday night.The concert lasted 110 minutes and was divided into “Beijing Winter Olympics”, “Sino-Foreign Friendship”, “Paris Summer Olympics” and “Celebrating the Spring Festival”. Nearly 100 Chinese and foreign artists participated in the concert.In “Beijing Winter Olympics” and “Paris Summer Olympics”, famous pianist Richard Kleidman played “Skate Waltz”, Paris love orchestra played “winter” from Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, integrating the Olympic spirit and ice culture into the music.”The whole world is watching the Beijing Olympics right now.I think all the athletes bring out the spirit of fighting.”In “Sino-Foreign Friendship”, there are not only classical cultural styles of Italy opera and French traditional dance, but also traditional Chinese cultural features such as Kunqu Opera, Beijing Opera and folk dance.The program also set up “Celebrating the Spring Festival”, through shaanxi Shenmu paper-cut, pasted Spring Festival couplets, to the global audience to offer New Year’s greetings.The concerts were recorded in China and France, and some of the programs were performed by Chinese and foreign artists through “aerial” duets and dances.Chinese young artists Li Yugang, Kokang Crazy Horse Band and Chinese and French break dance team performed kung Fu · Thunderbolt in front of the Prayer Hall of Heaven in Beijing and the Eiffel Tower in Paris respectively. The perfect combination of traditional opera, erhu performance and modern break dance shows the charm of combining Chinese and Western cultures.Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye and French Ambassador to China Luo Liang congratulated the concert respectively.”Art transcends national boundaries,” Lu shaye said in his congratulatory speech. “Through this concert, the profound historical heritage and the dynamic contemporary spirit of China and France will be presented together, explaining the profound themes of peace, friendship and love.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will open in earnest, so the concert also incorporates Olympic elements, showing the Olympic charm of swifter, higher, stronger and more united in the form of art.””On the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and China, I would like to extend my best wishes to the concert ‘Peace, Friendship and Love’ and wish the event a complete success,” Luo liang said in his congratulatory speech.May the friendship between France and China last forever.”It is reported that the concert is jointly organized by the International Communication development Center of China Foreign Language Publishing Group, France TV5 Monde and Beijing Fusti Culture Media Co., Ltd. of Qingpu enterprise Group, and will be broadcast in mainstream media and video platforms at home and abroad.(after)