Wanda Dalian: strength to cash

2022-05-23 0 By

“I have a warm shop in Wanda, a passionate career and positive neighbours.We also thank Wanda for the special period of rent relief care.In the future, I hope to deliver happiness to every family in Wanda.”This Spring Festival is the first Spring Festival that Mr. Zhang has spent in his new house.As a merchant of Cainiao Station on Wanda Star Street and the owner of Wanda Sports New Town, Mr. Zhang told the author that he felt ininable care from being attracted by Wanda brand and then wanting to settle down here and develop his career.”First of all, Wanda Sports New Town introduced the rent reduction policy, which really understands that it is not easy for us to do business during the epidemic. Besides, Wanda still manages investment and operation in a unified way. I feel relieved that there are such a secure store, and my neighbors who come to deliver and collect express are also very warm-hearted.”In fact, Zhang is not alone in his eagerness to move into his new home since the hardcover was delivered in October 2021.With the continuous improvement of the park and the owners moving in one after another, the rudiment of a better life brought by Wanda Sports New Town has gradually emerged.As we all know, dalian property market in 2021 is up and down.With the tightening of financial policies, the increase of mortgage interest rates and the introduction of the “New Policy in Dalian” in August, the enthusiastic market in the first half of the year began to decline gradually. In particular, the three iterations of the epidemic seriously affected the confidence of home buyers and forced all brand projects to take actions to survive.However, as a long-term hot selling plate in Dalian Ganjingzi District, the market is cooling, the competition is still fierce.Take Wanda Sports New Town as an example.Data show that in 2020, the project ranked first in the number of units, area and amount of annual transactions in Ganjingzi District with a record of 2.3 billion. In 2021, it will continue to sell 2.6 billion units and rank first in the number of residential units sold in the city.In this regard, it has been evaluated that, as the unanimous choice of 5000+ owners, the countermarket selling of Wanda Sports New Town has a great relationship with its location value and product strength.It is reported that the project not only creates a regional scarce two rooms, but also creates a garden house with three rooms, two halls and two bathrooms within 100 ping and a luxury house with the only large horizontal hall design in the region. The multi-functional variable space sets up the possibility of “house type growth”, which can meet the growth needs of young people’s family structure in the next 10-15 years.In addition, the project adopts international brand decoration, and the whole house storage system can restore the neat and beautiful daily life.As one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, Wanda has been deeply ploughed in Dalian for 34 years, and has already cashed in 5 Wanda Plazas, creating wanda Sports New City, a high-quality market with the largest area in the plate and relatively diversified product segments.It is reported that the first sports-themed commercial street built by the project in Dalian has been sold out. The first phase has been fully delivered, and the international youth training base has been presented.”The housing market will enter a healthy state of steady growth, and this is a good time to buy.To buy a house, of course, we will choose hot plate first. In 2022, we will enter dalian New Center and be elected as Wanda Sports New City, the urban living circle.”Admittedly, everyone’s reasons for choosing Wanda may be different, but the pursuit of a better life is always the same.