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The State Council recently issued a Notice on the Establishment of special additional deduction for individual income tax for care of infants and children under the age of 3, which includes the care of infants and children under the age of 3 into special additional deduction for individual income tax, further reducing the tax burden of taxpayers.From today (March 29), you can fill in your personal income tax application.How do I do this?↓↓ 1 figure for details of policy key points how to fill in?The five step walk!Step 1: Enter the declaration interface After logging in to the mobile personal income tax APP, taxpayers can enter the special additional deduction filling interface through “Home Page — Common Business — Filling in Special Additional Deduction” or “Tax Handling — Filling in Special Additional Deduction”, and select “Infant care Expenses” special additional deduction.The second step:After selecting the year of deduction to enter the declaration interface, “Select the year of deduction” will be set as 2022. After clicking “Confirm”, the system will prompt the information to be prepared in advance. After reading carefully, taxpayers will click “Ready, enter the declaration”.Taxpayers cannot claim the special additional deduction for care of infants and children under 3 years of age in the 2021 and prior years of calculation.Step 3: Fill in the deduction Information On the “Basic Information” interface, taxpayers input their email address and contact address (if they have filled in their personal information or declared special additional deduction before, it will be automatically filled in, taxpayers can modify according to the actual situation).After filling in, click “Next” to enter the “Children’s Information” interface.Click “Please select” in the “Select children” item to enter the “Select children” interface.If taxpayers before did not fill in information of children, can click on the “add child information” at the bottom of the add into the interface, and fill in “he (she) is my”, the types of certificates, certificate number, name, nationality, date of birth (region), click the “save” after the return to “children choice” interface, you can see the newly added children information.After selecting the children, the taxpayer will return to the “Children’s Information” interface and display the name and date of birth of the children. After confirming the children’s information, click “Next”.Step 4: Set the deduction ratio After filling in the information of children, the taxpayer can choose one of 100% (full deduction) or 50% (average deduction) in the deduction ratio according to the actual situation.When the selection is complete and confirmed, click “Next”.Step 5: Select declaration Method After the deduction proportion is set, the “Declaration Method” interface is entered, and taxpayers can choose either “declaration by withholding agent” or “annual self-declaration of comprehensive income” according to the actual situation.If taxpayers need to enjoy special additional deduction when they pay wages and salaries every month, they need to choose “declare through withholding agent” and verify whether the information of withholding agent is accurate.After completing the selection, click “Submit” to complete the filling process of special additional deduction for care of infants under 3 years old. The system will pop up a prompt “Information of special additional deduction has been submitted”.Taxpayers can click “View filling Records” to view the information of special additional deductions that have been declared.↓1.Are parents eligible for deductions for infants born abroad?You can.Parents of infants are eligible for the deduction regardless of whether they are born in China or abroad.2.Can parents with multiple infants choose different deductions for different infants?You can.Parents with multiple infants can choose different deductions for different infants.That is, for infant A, one party can choose the standard deduction of 1000 yuan per month, and for infant B, both parties can choose the standard deduction of 500 yuan per month respectively.3.Is the special additional deduction for care for children under 3 years old eligible for the monthly payroll?You can.After taxpayers provide relevant information to the employer through mobile personal income tax App or paper information Report Form, the employer will deduct it according to the actual situation of the individual, so that they can enjoy tax reduction bonus when they pay individual tax in advance every month.4.Do you need an invoice for special additional deduction for care for children under 3 years old?No invoice is required, just fill in the relevant information as required to enjoy the policy.The relevant information includes: name of spouse and children, type of identification documents (such as ID card, medical birth certificate of children, etc.) and number, personal deduction ratio, etc.5.Taxpayers enjoy special additional deduction for infant care under 3 years old, do they need to submit relevant information to tax authorities?The special additional deduction for care for infants under 3 years old is the same as the other six special additional deduction items, which adopts the service management mode of “declaration can be enjoyed, and the data can be kept for future reference”. When declaring, there is no need to submit the data to the tax authority, but the data can be kept for future reference.6.If there is no medical certificate of birth or resident id card and other identification documents, how to fill in the infant identity information?Taxpayers can choose “other personal certificates” and fill in the relevant information truthfully in the remarks, which does not affect the taxpayer’s enjoyment of deduction, and can be supplemented and updated in time.