Free nucleic acid testing for people returning to security outside Kunming city!Anning issued the latest announcement

2022-05-24 0 By

Anning city on February 13, response will be coronavirus pneumonia outbreak work leading group office issued “about free for kunming back to Ann personnel provide nucleic acid testing service announcement details below left left left on nucleic acid testing for free with outside kunming back to Ann personnel service announcement during the Spring Festival travel peak current, high staff turnover,Self health monitoring for the convenience of the masses of people, by the research, decided to this day, free of charge for staff outside of kunming city return to peace nucleic acid testing services, announcement will now related matters are as follows: a, the test object since February 1, 2022, peaceful and return from kunming outside personnel, can travel code to the public medical institutions in the city for nucleic acid testing for free.1. The First People’s Hospital of Anning (with 24-hour sampling points) 2.Anning First People’s Hospital Lianran Hospital area (24 hours sampling point) 3. Anning Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine 4.Community Health Service Center, Jinfang Street, Anning city 5. Community Health Service Center, Lianran Street, Anning City 6.Anning Eighth Street Central Health Center 7. Anning County Street Central Health Center 8. Anning Taiping Health Center 9.Dear friends, the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is complicated. For the health and safety of the people in the city, please take the initiative to take nucleic acid tests and report to the community (unit) in a timely manner.Office of command of anning Leading Group on Novel Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Outbreak February 13, 2022