I miss spring, I miss you

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At this time, spring scenery so, flowers about.It is spring when the river is warm, walking in the town of willow wind embankment, watch a pair of mandarin ducks leisurely playing with the water.River surface layer by layer clear wave ripples, disappear again in an instant.Indeed, the most beautiful time, the best years, must belong to the romantic spring.When the grass begins to sprout;When willows begin to turn green;When the flowers begin to bloom.The wind from the distance slowly blowing, the light grass, beautiful flowers mixed with the fragrance of the earth, in the air to diffuse, slowly drifting……The grass leaves, the water is vast, all the warmth then begins wanton spread, all the good then begins slowly spread.Vivid and specific picture, no matter who you are, can not refuse this tender feeling close.Like to carry a meter light warm spring and stand, such as a wind to the old, in the fireworks in March, holding an invitation and I went to a spring invitation.When a long-lost reunion is taking place, with the wind in the spring, began to wake up the dusty memories of a long time ago.Then, the old scene, old things, old people, old language, emerge in the eyes, calm in the bottom of my heart.Remember, the first encounter, Chunhua, four eyes full of, affecting each other’s tide, the charming ripples.So, thin cool time began to have a warm and moist breath, the heart of the thought began to wind water.If the heart really knows, spring is full of the world, everywhere is warm.A few warblers chirped by my ears;Eyes, full of pink willow green;In the distance, the rain opens up;Near, the clear sky is vast.Therefore, I want to integrate all the romance, tenderness and love into the spring, and give it to you who is rushing to me.And I, only in the season and season of dialogue, and listen to the wind singing, waiting for the flowers.When the pace of time, march to spring, only a shallow look back, it will be a thousand feelings bloom to an acme.It is the most noble salute to meet, it is the most perfect interpretation of life.I look for half of the spring, you smile is.I tell you the pain of lovesickness, you tell me the way back.The days and nights we had gone through together, though hard and arduous, were all worth it at that moment of reunion.Because time is not, so feel cherish.There is no time difference, we have never lived up to each other, two warm heart, and good warm sweet feelings grow together.In the spring, open mei Mei qing xi, blossoming joy.So, no matter the weather is sunny or rainy heart is very comfortable.Time of lush vegetation, nourishing the dark flavor, pregnant with the charm of fruit.The colors in nature are elegant and beautiful, and there are all kinds of unique and charming flavors.Only those who have tasted it know it is bitter or sweet;Only experienced people, to understand is deep is shallow.Solar term circulation between, each tiny flow, are affecting the ideological trend of lovers.Spring river quietly warming, spring, a pair of yuanyang lingering splashing, silent companions.On the willow bank spring dike, a pair of pedestrians hand in hand, ying Ying phase and frequently look at each other, pulse circulation between the affection legend.Wish this world, every reunion is forever as first, every look back to love.Time shallow, years deeply.Those who are ashamed to say, stop at the lips of the language, but can not be spoken.You gently lifted eyes, is the city of spring;You smile, is the most beautiful spring!About the author: Ink dyed ningxiang, real name: Wang Simeng, a woman who boiled ink with clear water and raised herself in the lotus pond.Wechat: SM18866 Platform: SM188666.This article was originally published by Bai-Cao-Yuan bookstore.Brief introduction of reciter: Xiaomeng loves reciting and warms each other with sound.Late synthesis: “Alley tea fragrance” anchor drift bottle.Introduction to illustration: Unique, photography enthusiast, like ecological photography, with eyes to discover the beautiful scenery around, with the lens of the scenery in mind!