In middle age, if there is no love, no communication and no quarrel between husband and wife, where should marriage go?

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Middle-aged people, want to be good, want to leave can not, when love and sex are lost at the same time, what can be left in our marriage?The mid-life marriage crisis is always a great test of each other’s resilience, wisdom and courage. When you are ready to make a choice, you must first calm down and ask yourself whether it is really the time to make a choice.Everything has pros and cons, if the choice is the same, then you should not only look at the “pros” part, but also look at the “cons” part.Think more about the choice, what is the need to bear their own things, and in their own ability to bear.If you only make a choice based on “get”, for example, you can only see what you will get after the choice, then your choice can only bring you a short-term gain, and you can not bear the pain of the “disadvantages” in the long term.About hope and persistence, in many cases, it is because of persistence that we can see hope, rather than to see hope first and then adhere to it.In middle age, if there is no love, no communication and no quarrel between husband and wife, where should marriage go?1. Divorce is definitely not a wise choice.Divorce is never the end of the problem, but the beginning of the problem. Besides, there are so many obstacles in life between middle-aged couples, it is hard to avoid the result of personal empty, money empty, house empty, heart empty, huge loss of interests, so many years of efforts and efforts in vain.Think about the twists and turns of the two people all the way, how difficult it is, so it is too pity to give up, after all, divorce means the complete end of the relationship between husband and wife.Start a new life. It can be good, but it can also be hard, and even good, it can’t be perfect.Do you want to remarry next?This is a more realistic problem, after the novelty, the second marriage between couples will only be more contradictions.Life is always only one place.Ordinary and crowded home, and then with vigour and vitality of the feeling, finally will be flat, into that crowded home, no matter you are willing to, fast and unhappy must go in.So plain and suffering, is the normal life, passion and romance is at most an occasional snack.We should have the right attitude towards life, especially in the middle age, we should have the right understanding and attitude.Real life, is grounded, is real, do not allow you to have half unrealistic fantasy.Passion always fades, and when it fades, married life is entirely supported by each other’s conscience and tenacity.There are “true love” fantasy, have to say that you are very childish, the best and the most true love, always around you.This along the way, experienced so much wind and rain, have not given up on each other, this is not the best interpretation of true love?Don’t think about changing each other.There is a couple around 70 years old. They have been married for nearly 50 years, but they have been quarreling and fighting for nearly 50 years.Their emotional state, has been a piece of their children’s heart, can be stiff to what extent?One is hospitalized and absolutely refuses to take care of the other.They don’t like each other, and they don’t like each other, mainly because they never give up changing each other, until one day, the two suddenly come to the realization that they have tried to change each other for nearly 50 years, but they haven’t been able to do so. Do they want to continue?Both men are running out of time.It is sad to say that having been a husband and wife for nearly 50 years, we can only seek common ground while shelving differences, respect and accept each other as husband and wife.So two people together, can only think about to manage their own, and then to the partner, to take a tolerant heart.Young couple old companion.After a long time as a couple, there will be no passion and no physical attraction, but there will still be love.But this love, changed to another form, can no longer be measured by the standard of “love”, can only be measured by the concentration of “love”, although there is no blood, is still a close relative.For example, between two people, even if there is no longer sex, no longer passion, but the mutual kindness, mutual loyalty, year after year grinding into the family, but no longer can be replaced.If you deny the love between two people, why did you get married in the first place?All the way, and by what support?Is it all about responsibility?When people get old, their children have a home, and only husband and wife can keep each other company, they may not feel together every day. Only when they lose, can they really feel the integration of their lives, but it is too late.Don’t add to your troubles, cherish them and remember that life is not infinite.5. Experience new experiences together.Here’s the secret to getting your married life to shine again. Try new, unknown experiences.Even if it’s just that there’s a new noodle shop downstairs, you taste it and then you bring your partner to try it later, and then you can warm up your relationship by sharing your true experiences with each other.For the unknown things, people are always curious, always looking forward to, and always feel fresh, so this can also play a warm and moist effect on the relationship between husband and wife.After so many years of being a couple, you can certainly talk about everything you can, and when the interest of communication is lacking, you should realize that it is time to find something new.No matter life or marriage, there is no problem in itself, there is a problem, is the problem of people.The first step to solving a problem is to identify it and acknowledge it. This means identifying your own problem, not your partner’s.Marriage may not be as good as you think, but divorce is worse than you think, so don’t even try until you have to.Do not yearn for what vigorous life, only the pursuit of light, steady, two people healthy, family harmony, is the best blessing.Those spectacular life, is not necessarily what you want.The most important thing is that the heart of the person should be steadfast, if the heart is restless, daydreaming, no secret is in vain.–END–