Johnson did not expect that Russia would turn the corner, but Britain would suffer the consequences of sanctions against Russia

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Since the Russia-Ukraine conflict, western countries have jointly carried out substantial sanctions against Russia, resulting in a serious threat to Russia’s economy.It is anyone’s guess how long Russia’s economy can survive.Indeed, one sanction after another has made history by covering almost everything.Even some small countries clamor to join the US camp, wanting to do everything they can to show themselves in front of the US.Russia turns the Corner The rouble has plunged as worries about Russia’s economy have grown in the face of aggressive repression.But Mr Putin has also tried hard to turn things around, temporarily stabilising Russia’s economy.Vladimir Putin’s ruble settlement order has left European countries in limbo. They have to find a way to pay for Russian gas in rubles or risk being cut off from Russia.This relatively saved the ruble crisis, and Russia survived it for the time being.But Europe has also been hit by the sanctions, with Britain leading the way in mass protests over soaring energy prices. Thousands of protesters gathered in London, England, to try to get Johnson to step down.Demonstrators say the soaring cost of living is unaffordable.Energy prices are expected to continue to rise, the analysis said, and the surge in energy prices will affect people’s basic life, everyone is the victim.Britain became the first to be targeted when Russia added to Britain’s woes by demanding that its gas trade be settled in roubles.The British government is holding its own as it cannot buy natural gas from Russia due to sanctions on Russian natural gas companies.Since issuing the ruble settlement order, Russia can be said to be a strong response to western sanctions.The first casualty was the UK, the consequence of following America’s lead.I believe that Russia made this move after careful consideration.Britain has left the European Union, but remains a loyal ally of the United States, and has been prominent in the anti-Russian campaign.So there was a reason why Britain was the first to be attacked by Russia, and no wonder Johnson was called to step down.In the future, Scotland is also planning to vote to leave the UK, which may be accelerated under the current situation, after all, more and more people are dissatisfied with the British government.A future Scottish independence, coupled with The departure of Mr Johnson, could change the dynamics of the UK dramatically.What can anyone else say when the West has so ruined its own future?Some sources: Henan Radio and Television station