Lin Zhiling gave birth to a son on New Year’s Eve, her wish of more than 10 years ago finally came true

2022-05-24 0 By

47, Lin good news in the New Year’s eve day, announced that the year of the ox birth baby upgraded to a mother, she and little seven-year-old Japanese wild brother member AKIRA (Blackpool LiangPing) announced in 2019 to marry, prepare pregnant finally spread the good news for many years, agent confirmed Lin children of sex for male, Lin and happy to write down the community platform:”At last, at last, the little angel was born into our family!”Yang Yueyue, a well-known TV host, shared on Her Facebook page that Lin Chi-Ling told her she wanted to give birth to a lovely daughter when she interviewed her more than 10 years ago.Yang Yuee, a sanli and Fishery radio host, said on Her Facebook page, “It doesn’t matter how old you are to get married. What matters most is having a family and a little happiness. Congratulations to Lin Chi-ling for becoming a mother!She said that when she visited Lin Chi-ling in Guangzhou more than 10 years ago, her daughter just went to school at that time, and she even gave Lin chi-ling a small environment-friendly bride doll. “She said that she wanted to get married in a veil and give birth to a lovely daughter just like Carrie. At that time, she was only in her 30s.”Now, Lin Chi-ling has been promoted to become a mother, and Yang Yue-‘e says: “After a woman gets married and becomes a mother, she will change a lot. The things she cares about, the way she treats people and does things, all have chemical effects.”Also said: “welcome to join the parents, a lifetime of worry, very cool, ha ha.”