Qinzhou: We will take solid steps to advance the “Internet plus regulation” initiative

2022-05-24 0 By

Since last year, in accordance with the relevant work requirements of the Autonomous Region, qinzhou Municipal Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval has taken multiple measures to steadily advance the work of “Internet + Supervision” by sorting out regulatory matters and gathering regulatory data, and to achieve standardized, accurate and intelligent supervision during and after the event.First, strengthen organizational leadership and refine departmental responsibilities.Municipal regulatory units have established and improved “Internet + Supervision” leading institutions, implemented leadership responsibilities, identified full-time personnel, refined business division, and further accelerated the application of “Internet + supervision” system.Second, strengthen training and exchanges to improve professional skills.Qinzhou “Internet + Supervision” q&A group has been established to effectively improve the system operation level and work efficiency of staff by sharing information and exchanging key points, difficulties and focuses of work.We held “Internet plus Supervision” training sessions for more than 150 regulatory units at the municipal level and in the two counties and two districts, providing training directly to the grassroots level.For supervision unit is responsible for the “Internet + regulation” adjust the problem of frequent personnel changes, new take over for each unit “Internet + regulation”, of workers from the regulatory platform operation, the regulation of the claim, execute the law personnel information and face to face with the various regulatory data entry, etc, more hand-holding, prompting new took over personnel familiar with the business as soon as possible.Third, we will strengthen follow-up supervision and promote the implementation of our work.Establish a working mechanism for real-time input and notification of regulatory behavior data, weekly report on the input of regulatory behavior of all regulatory units, focus on tracking and supervision of units that make slow progress and fail to complete each indicator data according to the requirements of time nodes, and promote the implementation of the work.Through tracking, monitoring and statistics of all data on the “Internet + Supervision” platform, the cause of abnormal data was found in a timely manner and relevant departments were immediately contacted to deal with it, so as to promote the normalization of work related to “Internet + Supervision”.In 2021, Qinzhou collected 602,000 data of various regulatory behaviors, with the adoption rate of regulatory items at 95.63%, the completion rate of inspection and implementation list at 97.79%, the “double random and one public” items accounting for 66.38%, and the coverage rate of regulatory behavior data on regulatory items at 73.06%.The coverage rate of regulatory behavior data to joint regulatory matters is 79.20%, and that of regulatory behavior data to “double random and one public” matters is 80.81%, both of which have exceeded the index requirements of the autonomous region.