Shui Qingxia: it’s no big deal to win!Look at her playing career, why not

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China overcame a two-goal deficit to beat South Korea 3-2 in the 2022 Asian Women’s Cup final.This is the first time in 16 years that The Chinese women’s football team has won the Asian Cup. It is also the ninth time that the Team has won the Asian Cup.The championship is like a tonic, so that this has fallen into the trough of Chinese football has a ray of vitality.We are used to seeing the humiliation of Chinese men’s football team being beaten again and again in international competitions, and there is no hope at all.In the past 10 years, Chinese women’s football team has been stagnant, even a little backward, and it is difficult to achieve good results in international competitions.When the Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup in India, the nation celebrated.We need this championship so badly.The famous football commentator Huang Jianxiang commentated on the final match.When the Chinese women’s football team won the gold medal, he cried excitedly.Xu Yang, who was commentating with him, also shed tears.Everyone was so excited.Huang Jianxiang has a good saying.”I’ve been commentating on football half my life and I’ve never seen anything.We have this stigma, this stigma of men’s football.The men’s team is a loser, look at what the girls are playing?””This is what Chinese football should be like,” Xu said.The spirit of the roses has always been in women’s football.”In this Asian Cup, China women’s football team has played a total of five matches (one of the group stage withdrew).Head coach Shui Qingxia remained calm.Even in the semifinals, the Chinese women’s soccer team fell behind twice, she was not very worried.When The Chinese women’s soccer team drew even twice before beating Japan 6-5 in a penalty shootout to advance to the final, Shui qingxia wasn’t thrilled.The team tried to throw her in celebration, but she refused.Because she’s still thinking about the final.It was not until the Chinese women’s soccer team defeated South Korea 3-2 in the final to win the championship that Shui Qingxia shouted loudly and even red eyes.When the players threw her to celebrate, she no longer refused.At this time, the Chinese women’s football team from the coach, players, other staff can enjoy the celebration.The Chinese women’s football team has won the Asian Cup for the first time in 16 years, once again defending the honor of Chinese football.This is quite an achievement.How many people saw the Chinese women’s football team champion that moment shed tears.How many people are proud of it.But Shui qingxia didn’t take the title too seriously.”I don’t think it’s a great achievement even if we beat our opponents to win the title,” Shui said at a news conference before the final.After 16 years, Chinese football won the championship again, which is what a great achievement, why shui Qingxia does not think so.If you know her life history, you will know that this is really nothing, not even worth mentioning.Shui Qingxia was born in Funing County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province in December 1966.She started playing junior sports in 1983.In 1984, Shuiqingxia entered the Shanghai team and has been the absolute main force of the Shanghai team.The Shanghai Women’s football team has won the league championship, super Champion Cup championship and the 8th National Games championship, all of which have a contribution from Shui Qingxia.In 1986, She was selected to the national team under the guidance of Shang Ruihua.Shui qingxia has always maintained a high level of competition, free kicks are very dangerous.She has thus become the mainstay of China’s midfield.In 1986, China won the women’s Asian Cup for the first time.Shui Qingxia is a member of the Chinese team.At that time, the Asian Cup was called the Asian Championship, but it was not changed to the Asian Cup until 2006.Shui qingxia won the Asian Championships in 1986, 1989, 1991, 1995 and 1997 with the Chinese women’s football team.Su kyung-ha won the Asian Cup five times as a player, so she does not take the Asian Cup seriously.For her, it was just one more Asian Cup.But she did not expect that many Chinese soccer players would never win an international championship in their lives.Su is the first Korean to win the Asian Cup as a player and coach, winning six Asian Cups in total.Shui Qingxia not only won six Asian Cups, she also had many honors as a player.She won the silver medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and the silver medal at the 1999 Women’s World Cup.These are experiences that a lot of players don’t have in a lifetime.Shui Qingxia had a long athletic career.She joined Shanghai Women’s Football Team in 1984 and played until her retirement in 2001.Shui qingxia was selected to the national team in 2001, when she was already in her mid-30s.In November 2001, the Final of the National Games was between Shanghai Women’s football team and Beijing Team.Shui Qingxia, 35, is still the team’s main force.She led her team to a 1-0 victory over Beijing to win the women’s football championship in the National Games for the second consecutive year.As a player, Shui qingxia has won many championships both for her club and for the national team.Shui qingxia began coaching after her retirement.This is a rare female coach in Korea.During her tenure as the head coach of Shanghai Women’s Football Team, she led the team to win the champion of national Women’s football League, National Women’s football Championship and National Games for many times, and became a gold medal coach.She has also been named coach of the Year many times.That’s why Sun Wen, vice president of the Chinese Football Association, supports Shui Qingxia as the head coach of the Chinese women’s football team.Now it seems that Sun wen made the right choice.Shui qingxia has won many championships both as a player and as a coach.The championship is really nothing to her, it is not a great thing, just one more championship.That is why she is pessimistic about the Asian Cup.At the same time, she can calm command the game, can sober, wise substitution, and finally led the Chinese team to the championship!