Bai Baihe took a photo with her son. The 14-year-old Yuan Bao is over 1.7m tall, and her mother and son are holding hands like lovers

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Bai Baihe posted a photo with his son Yuan Bao on his Micro blog. In the photo, the 14-year-old yuan Bao is already taller than his mother, already more than 1.7 meters tall.Mother and son locked their fingers together.Mother and son with frame, but was mistaken for lovers by netizens.Photos shared by Bai show Yuan Bao, who is as tall as his mother, wearing large black-rimmed glasses and a mask. The Adam’s apple on his neck clearly shows that Yuan Bao is entering the puberty stage.Many netizens commented that they were surprised by the height of Bai baihe’s son. “I don’t know who to envy,” they said. “My brother is taller than my mother!Beauty bai Xiaobai has so handsome so good treasure elder brother true happiness “” Treasure elder brother again run up and down son!Is the most beautiful “” treasure elder brother is handsome, have no interest to see beside that” “white elder sister’s little lover, yuan elder brother” “sister younger brother!Brother and sister!”Judging from the daily drip, Bai Baihe is really a good mother.She often on individual social networking platform sun son grow experience and must need to pay attention to the law of life, breakfast must eat every day, especially the girls in order to lose weight often don’t eat breakfast, the nutritional supplement is very adverse to the body, nutrition can’t keep up with growing nature is become a problem, and don’t stay up late, stay up late can make human body endocrine disorders,People who often stay up late want to grow taller will also have an impact, it is best to go to bed before 11 o ‘clock at night, to keep enough sleep.Bai baihe was at a loss for words, wearing a fluffy apricot coat with black bell-bottom pants, yellow shoes and a blue baseball cap.The photo was taken in December last year when Bai Baihe and her mother were making snowmen and having snowball fights outdoors.