Filial piety Project glorious Cabin only for the most lovely people

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Filial piety is the first good, filial piety is the foundation of virtue.Filial piety culture exists in every aspect of Chinese culture, closely linked with the country, society and family, forming the core and characteristics of Chinese culture.In order to promote the creative transformation and development of excellent traditional Chinese culture and give full play to the important role of Confucianism in realizing the Chinese dream of great national rejuvenation, Nishan World Confucianism Center (China Confucius Foundation Secretariat) has planned and implemented the filial Piety Project.The project aims to carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues, improve the moral quality of citizens in the new era, and advocate the formation of a good social fashion of “filial piety, respect for the elderly, love the elderly, and support for the elderly”.Xiaoxin Project organized and implemented the “Xiaoxin Project · Glorious Cabin” public welfare project in the first batch, and publicly raised funds for the society. The collected funds will provide a solid fund guarantee for the implementation of the project.Source: Dazhong Daily