Good news!My provincial highway accident relief fund advance time limit has been extended

2022-05-25 0 By

The reporter learned from the provincial public security traffic management department on February 7 that since January 1, 2022, the rescue cost of the injured person in the road traffic accident in Our province has exceeded 18,000 yuan, or the motor vehicle involved in the accident has not participated in the compulsory traffic insurance, and the vehicle has escaped after the accident.The cost of rescue treatment for the injured within 7 days (168 hours) can be advanced by shanxi Road traffic accident social assistance fund.This than my province before the provisions can advance 5 days (120 hours) within the provisions of the rescue costs, and extended 2 days (48 hours).Recently, the Ministry of Finance, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, The Ministry of Public Security, the National Health Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs promulgated the newly revised “Road Traffic Accident Social Assistance Fund Management Measures” (Order No. 107 of the Ministry of Finance), our province actively implement.In our province, except the time limit for advance payment of road traffic accident relief fund is extended to 7 days, if the injury of the injured is particularly serious and the rescue time is longer than 7 days, the medical institution shall explain the reasons in writing and report to the administrative department of road traffic accident social assistance fund for examination and approval, and then apply for advance payment of rescue costs.From January 1, 2022, the advance payment standard of the social assistance fund for road traffic accidents in Shanxi Province is also 6 times of the average monthly salary of employees in Shanxi Province in the previous year.Traffic accident victims and their families’ “anxious and anxious hope” to be further resolved, the people’s travel safety is more guaranteed.It is reported that shanxi Road traffic accident social assistance fund management method has set up a “pre-guarantee, quick rescue, post-payment” road traffic accident injured non-differentiated first aid green channel, by the end of last year, a total of 8,154 families temporarily trapped by traffic accidents, the advance fund reached 220 million yuan.It has achieved remarkable results in minimizing the number of fatalities, minimizing the number of people who are driven to poverty by traffic accidents and returning to poverty, and minimizing the social conflicts and disputes caused by traffic accidents.Source: Shanxi Daily