Licensed products highlight the characteristics of the Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-05-25 0 By

With the opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, sales of licensed products for the Games are booming.”Too hot” “waiting for a long time to finally grab”, the speed of the network, hand speed snap up consumers have lamented.Licensed products are popular because they highlight the distinctive features of the Beijing Winter Olympics.First of all, it benefits from the franchise strategy of both inheritance and innovation and multi-level implementation by boCOG.Franchising is part of the market development plan for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Franchising companies make profits by producing and selling licensed products and pay a percentage of the franchise fee to the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, which means that every licensed product bought by the public will provide financial support for the Winter Olympics.The new sales model of official franchised stores launched on Tmall + offline retail stores, and the trial operation plan of franchising started in advance to build a platform for smes to participate in supporting the Winter Olympics…It is these new strategies, different from the previous Winter Olympics, that enable the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee to draw strength from all aspects, expand the scale of commodity operation and market development.Multi-level implementation of franchise, but also won good economic and social benefits.By the end of 2021, BOCOG had signed contracts with 45 sponsors, collected 29 licensed manufacturers and 58 licensed retailers, and developed more than 5,000 licensed products in 16 categories.Franchised commodity retail stores have been set up in 19 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and franchised commodity sales channels covering 31 provinces have been set up on more than 280 pairs of high-speed trains.Secondly, as a mobile name card, licensed goods more vividly and stereoscopic reflect the profound connotation of Chinese culture and the combination of cultural and creative industries, thus generating a strong attraction and appeal.Designers of licensed goods for the Beijing Winter Olympics have explored and displayed traditional cultural elements to help people around the world better feel the charm of Chinese culture and feel the pulse of Chinese culture.For example, the Beijing Winter Olympics Huibao series products, the Winter Olympics snow and ice porcelain statue, the Winter Olympics five rings enamel statue and other licensed products that embody the intangible heritage skills, embody a long history and culture, contain profound Olympic meaning, and make consumers find everything new and refreshing.In the design and research and development of more than 5,000 licensed goods in 16 categories, the concept of promoting Chinese culture runs through the whole process, highlighting the theme of snow and ice, highlighting Chinese characteristics, so that consumers at home and abroad can not put down, while stimulating the enthusiasm of the public to participate in the Winter Olympics, but also promote the development of cultural and creative industries.Meanwhile, licensed goods will help promote exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese civilization and other civilizations of the world by preserving the memory of the Winter Olympics and promoting the inheritance of Olympic culture.Just as Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympics, said, “The Olympics is not a competition, but a cultural exchange and integration from the heart”.As a cultural bridge, the licensed products of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games not only reflect the characteristics of Traditional Chinese culture and the “Double Olympic City”, but also promote the inheritance of the Olympic spirit and culture and contribute to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind through exquisite design and colorful forms.(Economic Daily By Xu Da)