S27 season war chest preferred ghost sword Musashi, cloud tassel legend raid, diao Chan players laugh

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Coke with ice, Qiaomei in your heart, hello everyone, I am little Qiaomei, every day for you to share interesting king of Glory new skin, new version, the latest strategy and other articles.King of Glory S27 season is about to officially open on April 14, the new season will usher in a new skin, respectively is white night monster, Ming Shi Hidden minstrel magic, Lu Bu blue mecha and so on.Besides, cloud tassel also will usher in new fokelore skin, sable cicada also has good news.The S26 season ended on April 10, and the new season is usually updated within a few days of the end of the season. The new season is always updated on Thursday, so the S27 season will officially launch on April 14.Currently, the S27 season’s battle order reward has been exposed, or relatively rich.S27 season 1 battle order limited skin is white – night Knight, level 80 battle order limited skin is Ming Shi Yin – minstrel magic skin, and battle star yuan skin is Lu Bu – Doom – Blue machine, the quality of these three skins are very good.In addition, the new season’s command system has permanent skin, permanent hero, avatar box and other rewards.Among them, the 60 level of skin optional treasure box includes Cao Cao — Super Men, General Moxa — the seventh puppet, Miyamoto Musashi — ghost sword Musashi and other skin, choose ghost sword Musashi is the best, so this skin is the most expensive, and the follow-up will be optimized.In addition, there will be a lot of new skin online, Yunying is also about to usher in a new skin.The new skin of Yunying has been finished, this skin was originally of epic quality, but it has been taken back and optimized, and it will be optimized and upgraded to legendary quality skin later.Recently, some people also revealed the new skin of Yunying, this skin is red tone, mainly using rose elements, looks very beautiful.Yunying’s new legend skin is for direct sale and will be officially launched in the second half of the year, requiring 1,350 coupons.In addition, diao Chan also has a new skin in the production, that is this year’s fifty-five black section skin “call spirit phantom”, will be officially online on May 5.Diao Chan’s skin is of epic quality and mainly uses fire elements. Diao Chan looks beautiful with her long orange hair.In addition to usher in a new skin, diao Chan — the dream of midsummer night skin will also usher in the second optimization, the second optimization results of this skin will be in the middle of this month or so formal exposure, or very looking forward to.However, the secondary optimization of this skin should be available after the Evocative Phantom skin.Qiao sister said S27 season battle order exposure, are white night strange man and Ming Hidden minstl magic, battle star skin is Lu Bu’s blue mecha, level 60 battle treasure box first choice Miyamoto Musashi ghost sword Musashi, cloud rose legend skin beauty cry, Diao Chan’s midsummer night’s dream will usher in secondary optimization.