Zhengxiang district experimental primary school to carry out the New Year to send couplets cut window voluntary cultural activities

2022-05-25 0 By

Huasheng online January 28 news (correspondent Liao Fang) Auspicious tiger New Year make New Year, ten thousand lights culture year.The Spring Festival approaching, to carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, to create a happy and peaceful festive mood, spiritual and cultural life is rich and the masses, on January 28th morning, steaming from hengyang city hunan district experimental primary school teachers and student volunteers, conducted in taiping village street garden “calligraphy full of Spring Festival couplets on the Spring Festival cut paper-cut” voluntary cultural activities.Although the weather was cold, the atmosphere was warm and harmonious.Large and small “calligraphers” full of creative enthusiasm, brush splash ink, for the citizens to send sincere blessings.”Spring in the earth early flowers full of happiness on earth more” “harmonious family longevity more red sunshine wealth full door”……Lines of elegant calligraphy, shining sincere blessings, quite popular with citizens.At the scene of the activity, teacher volunteer Teacher Ding led more than ten students to cut paper-cuts, the children learned well, soon, a vivid work jumped on the paper.It is understood that this volunteer activity sent more than 500 pieces of Spring Festival couplets, “fu” and more than 40 pieces of paper-cut works to the community, which were not only widely welcomed and praised by the community residents, but also brought the joy and warmth of the festival to thousands of families.Through this activity, the school integrated thematic education into the cultural life of the masses. During the activity, teachers and students volunteers not only showed their talents, but also practiced their original intention of serving the people, and experienced the confidence and pride brought by traditional culture and art.