About the “fate of husband and wife” three stories, one more than a sad, the last one the most piercing heart

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As the saying goes: “one hundred years to repair the ferry, thousands of years to repair a total pillow sleep.”That is a kind of fate, can let two strange men and women meet, know each other, know each other, love each other, and even get married.The relationship between husband and wife is really a previous life, should cherish, mutual tolerance and understanding, hard to manage the marriage life.However, in this world, love is the most touching, but also the most fragile, with the passage of time, love will gradually be trivial wear away, feelings in the bumpy day a little diluted.So, love of husband and wife is slowly exhausted accidentally.When husband and wife two people have to separate, will sigh husband and wife edge.So, for a woman, when does it end?Three women three kinds of sad, the last one is the most heart.Chapter 01 lady: “when I encounter difficulties, but do not want to ask him for help of time” chapter lady and husband is blind date understanding, because are rush to get married of the purpose, so each other feel condition is about the same, got married.It doesn’t matter whether it’s true love, two people live for a long time, feelings will naturally have.She said her idea was simple.After six years of marriage, Zhang is devoted to her husband and his family. Even her fastidious mother-in-law often praises her.It was winter when she gave birth to the child and sat in the month. She fed the child in the middle of the night once, but she was thirsty and let her husband help her to fall down water. However, he suspected that she was noisy and he slept, so he turned over and continued to sleep.At that moment, Zhang felt particularly helpless. For the first time, her husband did not show her even the most basic conjugality.Later, Ms. Zhang’s mother was ill in hospital, she wanted her husband to take turns with her in the hospital to help take care of, unexpectedly, he refused, said he had too much work to get away.Ms. Zhang knew he was an excuse, but, too lazy to ask him again.She took care of her child in the hospital for more than half a month, but her husband did not appear once, he really let Ms. Zhang completely cold heart.”I think my husband is selfish. He doesn’t love me, let alone my family,” Zhang said. “In his eyes, I might be a free sleeping nanny.Since then, no matter how difficult my life is, I never think of asking him for help. I think our fate as husband and wife has almost come to an end, and divorce should be a matter of time.”When a woman is cold, will feel the fate of husband and wife.From then on, she will become very strong, no matter the work and life encountered again big problems, she will think of ways to solve alone, bite teeth forced their own growth, slowly learn to become strong.02 Ms. Bai: “When he broke his promise, I felt pain in my heart.” Ms. Bai and her husband were free to fall in love. At the beginning, her husband promised her that she was the only one he would love in his life, and he would accompany her to her old age with no other heart.Miss Bai was moved to a great extent, especially glad to meet her husband.The first few years of their marriage were really sweet, especially after Bai became pregnant. Her husband and mother-in-law were so kind to her that she didn’t have to worry about anything.At that time, she felt like a happy princess.However, with the passage of time, the triviality of life, Ms Bai’s husband appeared abnormal, in the company with a female colleague to play ambiguous, the relationship is not clear, often work overtime in the evening to come back very late, after the shift mobile phone are talking.”Asked Ms. Bai. He said it was just a colleague relationship and business matters needed to be discussed.Miss Bai does not believe her husband and that female colleague just talk about work, just lazy cross-examine.If she hadn’t seen their conversation with her own eyes later, she would have played dumb.Ms parker said: “I think he would have his original promise to forget, when I know his heart is not in my body, my heart in addition to pain, also heart is cool, also thoroughly lost trust to him, I think we are husband and wife, the geopolitical do marriage in this step, in fact, just broke a figleaf, two people, even if still together, is barely make do with it.”When a woman’s heart is dead, she will feel the fate of husband and wife is gone, she can only bear all the hardships in life silently, no longer have any hope and expectation for the man.Finally know to put down a person is not gnashing teeth, not crying, but light.Ms. Yang: “What he cares about most is when I can’t give it to him.” Ms. Yang has always been in love with her husband. The only drawback is that she hasn’t had a child after many years of marriage.Although, the husband said, do not care about children, as long as two people really love each other.However, every time in the face of questioning relatives and friends, he was lost and eager, especially when he saw the children of relatives and friends, he always liked to go up and hug them.Ms. Yang saw in the eyes, the in the mind really can not bear, plus, her husband is three generations of single, if you continue to be together with yourself, not to mention the birth of a son, even do not have the qualification of father.Unable to have a child is because of Ms. Yang’s problem, although her husband did not take the initiative to divorce, but daily life is extremely depressed and passionless.Yang felt her relationship with her husband had come to an end, and she asked for a divorce.After his divorce, he quickly went on a blind date, had a child and was happily married.”He really cared about having kids, but he didn’t want to hurt me directly,” Yang said.I can’t give him the thing he cares about the most.When I was sure of this, I felt I should put an end to the fate between us.Instead of torturing each other, I’d rather let it go.”When a woman is heartbroken, she will feel “love between husband and wife, but the fate of the shallow”, life should bear their own pain, there is no need to impose on another person.Since life should be so, we should learn to be strong, and let two people together pain, mutual torture, rather than make each other a want to live.Conclusion: whether the fate between husband and wife has been exhausted, it depends on what both sides care about most, some people value children, some value money, some value company, some value loyalty.Once oneself most care about thing, be destroyed by the other party, or the other party cannot continue to satisfy, husband and wife affection can become very fragile, two people also can gradually go gradually far, doomed husband and wife fate is very difficult to maintain the end.If two people continue to live together, they are more likely to torture each other.In any case, thousands of years to repair the relationship between husband and wife is not easy, married people or to go and cherish!(Photo from Internet)