“Icecube” completed the pre-game broadcast rehearsal

2022-05-26 0 By

Beijing, February 2 (People’s Daily Online li Shuo, Yang Yupolo) On The afternoon of February 1, the “Ice Cube” completed the pre-match broadcast rehearsal, the opening match of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games — curling mixed doubles will be held in the National Aquatics Center “Ice Cube” on the evening of February 2.Ice Cube is the largest curling stadium in the history of the Winter Olympic Games, the world’s only double Olympic stadium that can operate both water and ice events at the same time, and the first Olympic stadium in the world to set up a curling track on the swimming pool.The water Cube, once the venue for swimming, diving and synchronised swimming at the 2008 Summer Olympics, has been transformed into the ice Cube for curling and wheelchair curling at the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, to the amazement of athletes, coaches and sports officials from around the world.In the construction and renovation of the Winter Olympic stadium, as the venue owner of the National Aquatics Center, Beijing State-owned Assets Company adheres to the concept of sustainable development and contributes to the “China plan” of the Olympic stadium construction and renovation.The National Aquatics Center completed its renovation project in November 2020, turning the “water Cube” into the “ice Cube” and successfully passing the “Meet Beijing” test and the “Meet Beijing” international test.”The National Aquatics Centre is the best curling venue I have ever experienced at a Winter Olympics,” said Kate Keysness, president of the World Curling Federation.The facilities, such as the athletes’ changing rooms and barrier-free ramps, have been well designed and well considered.It is understood that after the Olympics, the national swimming center competition hall in the original sporting events, tourism, leisure, fitness, culture experience for people, exhibition and other operating mode on the basis of comprehensive development, will implement the function of “water” and “function” ice free switch between, can keep the “water cube” ecru undertake water “project, and added a” ice cube “charm,It is the only venue in the world that can hold both summer and winter events.At the same time, the newly built ice Cube ice Sports Center in the south underground square of the National Aquatics Center will focus on national fitness after the games and become the experience base of curling in the Olympic Central area. It will hold ice sports competitions and performances at all levels, and carry out mass ice sports training and experience activities extensively.The “Icecube” ice Sports Center will become an important carrier to promote ice sports and better serve “300 million people participating in ice sports”.