In the latest copa del Rey action, real Madrid’s win over Barcelona was thwarted by Bilbao’s home draw with Valencia

2022-05-26 0 By

The first leg of the 2021-22 Spanish Copa del Rey semi-final took place at the SAN Mames stadium on Sunday morning, with Athletic Bilbao playing valencia.Valencia held athletic Bilbao to a 1-1 draw after 90 minutes.Athletic Bilbao did not have a good signing in the first two rounds, they played Barcelona and Real Madrid in a row, but they did very well, beat Barcelona in extra time and knocked out Real Madrid in the last round.At home today, Athletic Bilbao were on top of valencia in the opening minutes and were almost rewarded in the 19th minute when mammadashvili swung a volley just wide of the post from diaby in front of the goalkeeper.Bilbao then made two more close calls when Belciche blasted over the bar and Williams’ volley from the right of the box was blocked by goalkeeper Mamashvili.Athletic Bilbao opened the scoring 1-0 in the 36th minute with a free-kick from a corner on the left of the penalty area. Munia loped in front of the goal and Raul Garcia headed the ball into the net after hitting the ground.Bilbao took a one-goal lead in the first half thanks to Garcia’s goal.Easy side again, bilbao arena still hold valencia, but they were slow to score again.In the 64th minute it was Valencia who seized the opportunity to counter attack, guedes from the right quickly down the bottom, Gill in front of the point super close range to steal the ball, agurebala brilliant save, duro in front of the line to the second point down the ball into the net, Valencia 1-1 level.Athletic Bilbao had a final chance in the closing moments when Berenguer volleyed from the corner of the penalty area and clipped the top net over the bottom line.Athletic Bilbao were held to a 1-1 draw by valencia at home, thwarting their chances of reaching the copa del Rey final for the third year in a row.