Shanghai uncle angry explosion!Who did you offend when your neighbors were allowed to use the elevator but you were restricted?

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Live in the old public house of old people hope that their house will soon add the elevator downstairs travel can easily so many but lives in pudong new area of gold drill road 1313, lane Ma Laobo recently met a strange thing happened to his apartment building elevator is there but just can’t use last Thursday, Ma Laobo back to the 10th floor elevator and found his house, his ladder control card came to a sudden failure, not on the floor!Ma said that he and his wife were living in the residential area last year, when they paid the property fee for a whole year, and it just expired recently. Before they had time to renew the payment, the elevator elevator control card could not be used.Ma old man told fang ji, ladder control card suddenly failed, he immediately looked for the property to reflect this matter, the other party replied that the validity of the ladder control card and the property fee, how long to pay the property fee will open the corresponding length of the ladder control card.And not only ma old man’s home, many owners in the community have encountered the same situation, because there is no timely renewal of property fees, suddenly unable to use the elevator normally, but can only climb the stairs to go home!To this end, Fang Ji interviewed the property of the community, the property owner denied that the property fee and the right to take the elevator are tied, and said that the failure of the elevator control card is mainly to upgrade, the purpose is also to protect the safety of the owner.Although the person in charge of the property company publicly denied it, fang ji found some clues when communicating with other staff members of the property.Officer: If I pay the maintenance fee for three months, I will upgrade for three and a half months.Reporter: still concern with property fee?Staff: In fact, it is definitely linked, the property is mainly to collect property fees.We these people wages to hair and workers maintenance, maintenance, aunt to clean all rely on this cost, no money can not go on.Relevant field lawyer thinks, the elevator is the public supporting facilities of residential building, village owner has authority to use normally, take this kind of binding behavior, deprived the elevator use right of owner, it is illegal.The government of Caolu Town, where the community is located, said it would quickly verify the situation and build a platform to resolve the matter.At the same time, they will also urge the property to improve the service work.For details, please pay attention to the news workshop broadcast tonight. The wechat video number of the News Workshop will also be broadcast simultaneously!-END- Reporter | Ji Qingmu, Zha Jiamin, Tang Jie editor | Xiao Men er point share