Shaodong public security: the Spring Festival anti-fraud more than escort the masses safe New Year

2022-05-26 0 By

Rednet moment February 9 – (correspondent Liu Yuan) Spring Festival holiday, friends and relatives together, laugh and yan yan.On the occasion of family reunion, they give up vacation, braving the cold all night, busy in law enforcement case handling area, through the streets, stick to the duty post, busy in the arrest line…They will leave the warmth and joy of reunion in others, will be safe New Year’s duty and mission on the shoulders, with consistent adherence, escort the masses safe New Year.On the eve of the Spring Festival, Shaodong City public Security Bureau Pheiping police station case police received clues, the jurisdiction of someone engaged in “running points” money laundering activities.After receiving the clue, the police work overtime to advance the case investigation.After analysis, the police found that the man fled to open a bank card.Through handling the case police struggle day and night, careful investigation, quickly locked the suspect Shen activity area.In the morning of February 7, criminal investigation brigade police in red ridge road near an Internet cafe will shen captured.In order to bring the suspects to justice in time and ensure the arrest work, the police work overtime every day during the Spring Festival to carry out case investigation.Xiao Kai, a police officer, said that he could not remember how many times the case had been decided overnight since the “Winter and Spring offensive”. He only hoped that after working on the case, he could have time to go home to soothe his “angry” wife and accompany his dear parents.Behind the successful handling of each case is their silent efforts to protect the people’s money bags.According to the investigation, In December 2021, Shen met a net friend through online games, who said he could get high returns as long as he provided bank cards to help him brush the “flow”.When she heard that she could earn a lot of money by providing a bank card, she agreed without thinking.Because shaodong city each bank system to do bank cards to implement strict control, unable to meet shen’s needs.Driven by interest, Shin moved to Beijing in mid-December 2021 to open bank cards.In order to avoid the police crackdown, In January 2022, Shen committed crimes in a city outside the city, providing “money laundering” transfer services for the telecom fraud gang, from which he made illegal profits.Did not think that just tasted “sweet head” was arrested by shaodong police.Shen mou has been detained in accordance with the law.