Six billion phones left idle?The industry is heating up!

2022-05-27 0 By

In recent years, the number of mobile phones in China has been increasing.The reporter noticed that the mobile phone recycling market is heating up gradually with the change of consumption concept, trade-in and second-hand consumption becoming more and more consumers’ choice.Mobile phone recycling market is heating up in an electronics offline store, the reporter saw that many consumers come to buy the new mobile phone that has just come on the market, and most of them will choose to recycle their old mobile phone when buying a new one.Store manager told reporters that the current store to replace the old customer ratio of more than 70 percent.There are also many consumers who send in unused mobile phones for recycling.He Lei, manager of a consumer electronics store in Beijing, said: “The speed of mobile phone update is relatively fast. Now many mobile phones produce high-value trade-in. Our trade-in service was launched in December last year, and the recycling volume has almost doubled every month.Reporters found that recycling and new business has become a standard part of the mobile phone industry.At the same time, the online model is developing rapidly. All major e-commerce platforms and official websites of mobile phone manufacturers have access to the second mobile phone recycling and new business, and the combination of online and offline modes such as online appraisal and door-to-door recycling has greatly improved the recovery rate.According to industry data, the number of mobile phones in China will reach 1.856 billion in 2021.The production and idle amount of used mobile phones are increasing year by year.It is estimated that the total number of idle units will reach 6 billion during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.The reporter learned that due to the high quality requirements of mobile phones in the circulation field of the second mobile phone, about 20%-30% of the total recycled mobile phones with short marketing time and complete functions can enter the second mobile phone sales link.How will the rest of the old mobile phones be handled?What is the current development situation of relevant industries?This is a mobile phone dismantling workshop in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. After recycling, some mobile phones with low overall value will enter the dismantling production line for dismantling and classification. At present, the annual dismantling volume of this enterprise is about 2 million units.Although the amount of waste mobile phones is increasing year by year, enterprises are facing the dilemma of insufficient recycling.The annual dismantling capacity of the factory’s seven production lines can reach 30 million units, and only one of them has been opened so far, far short of expectations.On the one hand, the cost of environmental protection, equipment investment and hazardous waste treatment is high;At the same time, according to the regulations, the formal dismantling enterprises can only be dismantled, not repaired, the profit margin is small, enterprises can not open a high price when the acquisition.Wang Hui, head of mobile phone project of an environmental protection technology company, said: “The advantage of participating in market competition is not obvious, the volume is relatively small, and the final product value is lower than our disposal cost, so now we are in the situation of losing one recycling one.In addition, Wang Hui told reporters that mobile phone dismantling materials can basically be used 100 percent, professional enterprises from a ton of waste mobile phones at least extract a total value of about 50,000 yuan copper, tin, silver, gold and other metals.However, due to the limited recycling sources, 90% of their materials are now from corporate customers. Due to the protection of intellectual property rights, most orders are required to be destroyed and the residual value is very low.The deep processing business also faces the problem of cost inversion, and some projects even have to suspend production.The new industrial department minister a environmental protection science and technology company Wang Huawen: some material market is very big, two or three years not refined, such as screen inside of the indium price fell from the seven pieces of more than a gram of the highest mountain in the now almost a piece of more than a gram, less refined cost is higher, if continue refining production, our losses will be enlarged.At present, the recycling rate of waste mobile phone resources in China is only about 4%, industry insiders said.Every year, less than 30% of newly added idle mobile phones enter the formal recycling field, that is to say, there are still more than 70% idle mobile phones in users’ homes, or not environmental protection, non-compliance disposal, flow can not be monitored, resulting in a waste of resources.