Soil EC meter was used to improve greenhouse soil

2022-05-27 0 By

The application of greenhouse in vegetable planting provides a good growth environment for vegetable growth and realizes year-round uninterrupted production.While this allows fresh vegetables to be eaten in the winter, the resulting soil problems cast a shadow over greenhouse vegetables.Affected by soil degradation, vegetable seed death is increasing, causing serious economic losses to vegetable farmers.In greenhouse vegetable farming, vegetable farmers use more fertilizer to achieve higher yields.Due to the lack of scientific balanced fertilization, the utilization rate of fertilizer in greenhouse is low.As time goes by, soil salinity accumulates more and more, and soil hardening becomes more and more serious.Therefore, in order to improve the greenhouse soil quality, the first thing to pay attention to is the change of soil salt.In the management process, we can use soil EC meter to detect soil EC value, so as to ensure that the greenhouse soil pH value meets the standard.Greenhouse soil salinization directly results in red and green moss on the soil surface, which directly leads to poor vegetable growth.For example, the common “yellow leaves” on watermelon and the “flowered face” on pepper leaves are crop physiological diseases caused by soil problems.Using soil EC instrument to pay more attention to the change of greenhouse soil salinity-alkalinity, can not only provide guarantee for the growth of different crops, but also can scientifically adjust the soil EC value.And the application of soil EC instrument is an important part of modern scientific improvement of soil quality, can help the improvement personnel to clarify the direction of improvement, improve the efficiency and effect of improvement, for the growth of greenhouse to create a healthy soil environment.Therefore, using soil EC to improve greenhouse soil can ensure the quality of vegetables.